Learn To Mix-And-Match Upholstery In Your Living Room

Last updated on August 9th, 2023

If you are tired of your living room décor, maybe it’s time to give it an upgrade. Mix-and-match upholstery is trending; so what better way to bring the pep back into your space and life? The best part is, you don’t have to redo your décor, just add or refurbish a couple of chairs or sofas in your home.

So what are your options? And how do you know you are on the right track? Let’s check out what a bit of ingenuity can do.

Idea One- Pair Solids with Geometric Prints

Subtle geometric patterns allow you to straddle two worlds. Without making too much noise, these simple designs fit right in with the rest of the furniture. Patterns with the same background as your primary furniture will not ruffle your feathers if you are a stickler for sameness. If you want to play it safe, why not add geometric cushions to your sofas? You can add a chair to match your yellow cushions once you get used to the idea.

Idea Two- A Combination of Two Solid Colors

Patterns can be overwhelming over time, especially if you have picked loud designs. If you want to play it safe and yet go for a mix-and-match theme, try two solid colors to amp up the look of your home. You can go for dramatic contrasts such as beige with rust, or beige with turquoise blue, or you can go the subtle route by opting for grays with olive green or browns with beige. To liven up the shades, introduce vibrancy into the mix with exciting throw cushions or a patterned rug.

Idea Three- Pair Your Floral Upholstery with Solids

Floral upholstery gives your home an old-English vibe. Floral prints on your side chairs as a contrast for your solid-colored sofa exude style and charm. Or you can switch to florals for your couch and opt for solid-color chairs for great decor. A vintage cabinet or console is a perfect addition to take this look forward. You can also bring out the animal in you with faux animal prints for your easy chair. And hey, add a few brass tables or lamps to your décor to complete this gorgeous look.

Idea Four- Play with Colors and Textures

Once you have your basics covered, embellish the sofas with throw cushions in various sizes and colors. Play with textures too; if your primary couch is suede or fabric, try introducing another texture on your side chair. This can be leather, two-toned fabric, or faux leather. Druggets or faux animal skin rugs will add dimension to your décor too.

Idea Five- How about More Than Two Shades?

If you love eclectic designs, you may feel the urge to add quaint chairs or colors to your pairing. Indulge yourself by adding another shade to the mix. A variety of blues and pinks is an option. Mustard and green with beige are a great pick too. While you may be able to wing this look if you have a creative bent of mind, it’s best to consult professionals for this look if you aren’t sure of yourself.

Idea Six- Add Patterns in Your Throws and Cushions

Once you have got your basic solid or pattern pairings in place, it’s time to complete your journey with a flourish. You don’t want to rush into this; picking up stuff that is on sale or because you love the feel, isn’t going to cut it.

Patterned area rugs work beautifully when you want to enhance your solid color pairings. For geometric or floral sofa pairings, adding a patterned rug is tricky and best avoided. Also, patterned cushions on your floral couch can be disastrous. Opt for bold, solid colors instead. Throws in plain and print allow you to add interesting textures and colors to your décor.

Summing Up

Once you pay close attention to the images on the home décor website, you will be able to grasp the principles of colors and their use in home décor. Also, make it a point to compare what’s in those images with what you have at hand, so you can improve upon it. The perfect place to start your journey of discovery is homebliss.in. We have a plethora of ideas for you to explore. So, log in today!