7 Ways To Go Scandanavian With Your Living Room Design

Last updated on June 6th, 2022

Functionality and elegance are the mainstays of home designing. That is what makes Scandinavian design so appealing. It’s all about functionality and understated elegance, which is taken to the next level. In short, everything you would want in your home decor.

Scandinavian interiors have been around for decades. This design concept was popular in the 1950s and it has not lost any steam over the years. This look is in trend today and if you are on the lookout for themes for your home decor, this look may just be what you need.

Before we talk about ways in which you can incorporate these design elements into your decor, let’s find out what Scandinavian interior designing is all about.

What is Scandinavian interior design?

This style of design is about simplicity and minimalism. And it’s about functionality, clean lines, and natural artwork. Natural materials such as hemp, wood, or leather are popular elements in this decor.

So, how do you incorporate Scandinavian elements into your decor? Let’s find out.

One – Quality and craftsmanship

Scandinavian furniture oozes craftsmanship and style. To get this look right choose natural materials, and strikingly beautiful furniture. This applies to everything that goes in your living room decor, including light fittings. The richness of your elements will bring out the beauty of your decor.

Where wooden furniture is concerned, clean lines and simplistic yet gorgeous curves are defining factors of Scandinavian design.

Two – Use of warm textiles as accessories

The extremely cold conditions in the Scandinavian region have played a role in their choice of textiles in home decor. Warm textiles are popular choices. This means a lot of wool, sheepskin, or mohair in your throw cushions, rugs, and wall hangings.

In a warm climate like India, this may not always be possible. The trick is to incorporate a few Scandinavian accessories such as corner area rugs or wall hangings to get your look without feeling the heat.

Three – A play of contrasts

One of the pillars of Scandinavian design is contrasts. This means if your base color is white or beige go for stark black contrasts in your light fittings or your accessories. The aim is to create a bit of drama with your contrasts.

Four – Modern furniture

The use of modern furniture pieces in home decor is the backbone of Scandinavian living room design. It’s a fascinating mix of shapes and textures, wood and leather. It’s classy and it’s exuberant. For an organic vibe to your decor, opt for dried twigs and flowers arranged artfully in your home.

While wood is always popular in this style, you can add a few metal pieces to the mix; tricks designers use to introduce an element of surprise to the decor.

Five – A muted color scheme

Scandinavian decor is elegance personified. This makes muted shades such as taupe, sage, and ivory the Scandinavian colors of choice. You can embellish this look with minimalist accessories such as twigs, black and white photographs, black urns, and vessels.

You can add a pop of color to the throw cushions and rug if you like. However, avoid too much of it, or it will kill the look.

Six – A mix of different textures

Streamlined furniture and muted tones could make your room look dull. However, when you use different textures, such as faux fur cushions, or some kilim rugs or dhurries in your design; you can bring warmth and beauty into your Scandinavian designs for the living room.

Seven – A clutter-free space

Clutter and Scandinavian magic are not a great match. While discarding your clutter is a step in the right direction, go a step further and remove the collection of artifacts you have brought home from your trips abroad. If your collectible isn’t doing anything for the room decor, in the bin it goes.

Final thoughts

The Scandinavian design trend is not going to go out of style anytime soon. This evergreen design theme will give your home a classy and sophisticated look. For more such ideas and inspirations head to www.homebliss.in.

Happy decorating, everyone!