Let Buddha Illuminate Your Home

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

Feng Shui experts believe that a Buddha statue or painting adds a calming element to a home, bringing with it positive energy, also known as chi.

What they also suggest is, that the placement of the statue is also important if one wants to reap the full benefits of this positive energy.

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Keeping a Buddha statue in the living room gives a peaceful ambiance to the space, especially if it is placed facing the main entrance.

A Buddha statue that faces the entrance door doesn’t just help attract positive energy, it also deters negative forces from entering the home.

Also, the ideal placement of a Buddha statue is at a height of at least two and a half feet.

Placing a Buddha statue on your kids’ working desk or close to it, adds positive energy into the room, and can help your child in his academics.

If you have a home office, keeping a Buddha statue in your workspace or desk helps attract positive energy and brings success and prosperity.

Buddhist homes have a Buddha statue placed on the altar.

The altar is usually placed in a prayer room. If You aren’t sure about which statue to choose for your home, a safe option is to get a laughing Buddha that brings happiness and prosperity into a home.

When it comes to Buddha statues, experts believe that bigger statues are better than smaller ones.

If you have a garden or lawn, placing a Buddha statue in a corner adds a calming and relaxing element to the setting. If you use your garden for relaxation, a Buddha statue in a reclining pose is best.

If you have a space where you practice meditation or yoga, a statue in a meditating pose is best suited. And a statue in marble kept at eye level can enhance the experience further.

So when are you bringing tranquility home?