Separate Your Open-Plan Space With Panache

Last updated on June 12th, 2023

Open-plan spaces have been trending for quite some time now. They offer fluidity of movement and an expanse of space when the dividing walls are knocked off. However, while we like nothing better than oodles of air and light in our large space, there is a niggling urge for some space segregation.

Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Or can you? To inject a bit of excitement into your home décor, let’s look at ways to give an illusion of privacy without lifting a hammer.

Folding screens

Folding screens can rock your look, whether you use them to divide your space or let them tower over your room from the side. The best part about these magnificent creations is that you can move them around, fold them, and put them away when you don’t need them. What’s more, they give you a chance to introduce interesting colors and elements into your design.

Let your furniture divide the space

It’s just a matter of rearranging your furniture. When your sofas are facing away from your dining space or kitchen, they create an illusion of a separate space. To take it up a notch, place a console table behind the sofa and add a few choice accessories, such as a lamp or plants. Make sure your console isn’t too low, or it won’t serve the purpose.

Adding a kitchen island is another way to divide your space. Opt for tall counters with high stools or chairs to make an impact.

Use the ceiling to define the space

Surprisingly, your ceiling can also give you the illusion of space division. Whether you use wood, POP, or gypsum, once you define an area from the rest of the ceiling, you immediately create a separate space. You can use molding, paint, or lights to create a wonderful vibe.

Rugs do a magnificent job too

Rugs are great space dividers. However, using a beige rug on white flooring won’t work. What you need is contrast. Make sure your rug is large enough to house your seating area. You can use another one for your dining space. These rugs also absorb noise and add a lot of style and glamour to your décor.

Do it with a shelving unit

It all depends on how much privacy you need. You can go all the way up to the ceiling without fear, as the gaps in your unit will let in air and light. Or you can go halfsies with interesting cabinets. The bottom of the unit can be used as extra storage. A sturdy piece attached to the wall is one way to go. Or you can go for a lighter version that can be shifted or placed against the wall for a new look. A word of warning. When you close off too many sections in your shelving unit, it cuts off the light and puts a damper on the open-space plan.

Curtains are a breeze

Thin, gauzy curtains add charm and mysticism to your décor and divide the space too. What’s more, you can draw them or leave them open, depending on your mood. Light fabrics work best in this scenario. To add to the mystic charm, use a bead curtain and add a brass hookah to add an Arabian night vibe.

Use plants to divide your space

These leafy barriers allow you to indulge your green thumb and divide your space. A shelving unit is ideal for impact. However, consoles or tables at various heights do a good job too. If all else fails, let tall plants tower over your seating arrangement. This way, you divide your space and also leave the site line open, something you want in an open-plan design.

Last words

There is more than one way to knock this out of the ballpark. All you need is a bit of creativity. We at homebliss thrive on challenges and innovative design ideas. Once you browse through our website, you will find we have solutions for every design dilemma you can think of. Go ahead, visit us at today.