Getting Possession Of Your Apartment? Here’s When You Should Start Planning Your Interior Design

Last updated on November 2nd, 2021

Congratulations on your new home!

If you’re about to get possession of your house (finally, after all the delays!) you will now need to start thinking about getting your interiors done, and if you aren’t sure how long this usually time-consuming process takes, and how far ahead should you begin to plan it so that you time it just right with your moving-in, here’s a quick read that should give you a fair idea as to how long designing each room of your home should take you. Read on!

What Does The Process Involve?

To begin with, interior designing is a time-consuming process and the time it takes from beginning to completion, usually depends on the scope of work involved.
Interior designers work the same way, and their work involves starting with understanding your requirements, visiting the site and presenting a proposed plan of the design, and giving you a ballpark figure on the costs and time involved. Once you approve the design concept broadly, is when the actual design process begins. Also, most designers are more comfortable talking about the scope of work in terms of the actual number of hours involved. But they should also be able to tell you the number of days it will take, for your understanding.
But how long does this entire designing process take, really?
Here’s a basic guide that should help.

Designing The Rooms

Designing a room (living room and bedrooms) begins with planning and ends with installation and all of this takes a minimum of 12-15 days from start to end. This process involves a lot of tasks like site visits, brainstorming and discussing various ideas, taking pictures and measurements, scouting for the right materials, and finally, executing the plan agreed upon. Not to mention follow-ups to take care of glitches and get it all right.

Designing The Heart Of Your Home

Designing the kitchen takes way longer than the time it takes to do up the other rooms of the house as it involves a lot of calculation, measurements, and planning for the right placement of the cabinetry and countertops and most importantly, to get the kitchen work triangle right. Not to mention selecting the best color scheme, accessories, hardware, and lighting. Kitchen design also involves a little bit of civil work. And all of this takes a minimum of 20-25 days.

Designing Your Bathrooms

Designing the interiors of a bathroom doesn’t involve a huge amount of time as the area isn’t much and the furniture elements to be used are minimal – mostly just a few cabinets and shelves.

On an average, designing and executing the interiors of a bathroom takes about 10 days. And a lot of this time is spent on selecting tiles, accessories, and plumbing hardware that are aesthetically sound, functional, and durable.