The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Each Room with Plants

Last updated on April 25th, 2022

A tad bit of greenery can change a space—and breathe new life into a room. It’s one of the least demanding ways to refresh your home without spending a fortune on new furniture or overrated accents.

Having said that, not all houseplants are made the same. This means they won’t all flourish in the same room of the house. To pick a plant for a room in your home, you’ll need to keep in mind the needs of the plant and the layout of your home.

Different houseplants need different levels of sunlight and water. And you would definitely not want to put a plant that requires direct sunlight in a windowless bathroom, or an air plant that prefers indirect light in your sunny living room.  Here’s a room-by-room guide to decorating each room of your home with plants, so that neither you or your plants are ever unhappy!

1. Living Room

The living room is a place where you spend time with your family and friends. It is the ideal room for you to go wild with plants. You can use them as an accent piece or group them together, depending on what you want. Choose taller plants like rubber plant and Areca palm to add some drama to your living room.

Good plants for the living room

Bird of paradise, devil’s ivy, dinner-plate ficus, fiddle-leaf fig, peace lily, philodendron, rubber plant, umbrella plant.

Decor Tips:

Breathe life into a dead corner of the living room by introducing textures in the form of plants. In case you don’t like a lot of plants in the living room, however, are still looking to keep plants in the living room, try small potted plants. Small plants fit perfectly on a coffee table, without blocking the view when someone’s seated on a sofa. Get large potted plants to soften up a harsh corner of the room. Choose pots that work with the textures and colors of your living room. Pick dark-colored plants if you’re looking to add depth and mood to the room.

2. Dining Room

There is nothing more special than having visitors lounge around your dining table when it’s also house to some beautiful houseplants. The best plants for your living area are plants that will stay small and compact. There are quite a few options with a varied range of colors and forms.

Good plants for the dining room

Begonia, money plant, peacock plant, prayer plant, queen of hearts, radiator plant, wax plant.

Decor Tips:

The dining table is the ideal spot to put the temperamental plant species in your gathering. And, since you access the space every now and then, you will be able to take care of the plants, regularly. While choosing pots, draw inspiration from your interiors. In case your dining space sports a minimalistic look, use neutral-colored pots. If you love colors, then play with vibrant hues. Arrange plants with various leaf shapes and colors to make a fascinating accent on the table. You can even mix new and vintage pots as per your taste.

3. The Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where we spend significant time relaxing and refreshing ourselves. However, it is the last room that gets its share of green! Put an indoor plant on top of the nightstand to enliven your private space. What’s more, the plant will ensure you get fresh air to breathe!

Good plants for the bedroom

Arrowhead plant, begonia, devil’s ivy, peace lily, rubber plant, wax plant.

Decor Tips:

Plants are a magical decor element. Use them alongside pretty bed linens to create a milder space, as the leaves will create a beautiful environment of shadow and light. Make use of graphic-printed pots to introduce some art into the room. In case your room is in need of a color pop, introducing plants is your best bet! In case you have high roofs, try having a tall plant in the room. Create a cluster of plants to add character to your bedside table. Keep in mind the hues in your existing layout to draw inspiration for the plants you keep. You can even think of using plants to fill bare spaces on your walls.

4. The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area in your home that has a way different temperature and environment than any other room. Run with tropical plants for this space, since the bathroom space is what these plants like- low light levels, high moisture, and warm temperatures.

Good plants for the bathroom

Arrowhead plant, devil’s ivy, peace lily, pitcher plant, queen of hearts, tassel fern, zebra plant.

Decor Tips:

Tropical plants thrive in humid weather. You can put these plants on the floor close to your bathtub or shower. Since the bathroom is exposed to cleaning chemicals, use natural materials, like a woven basket to keep the plants in. Stools too, make for inexpensive and pretty plant stands and can help elevate the height of your houseplants.