TrendingNow: Cane Is Back And How!

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

If you’ve also wondered how cane and rattan are related to each other and if wicker belongs to the same family, you aren’t alone. Let’s set the record straight, shall we? Cane and rattan are the same. In fact, cane comes from the rattan plant. So, what’s wicker then? Well, wicker is the name given to the style of weaving used in making a lot of cane furniture pieces.

But we aren’t here to discuss names and their origins. But to talk about a timeless furniture trend that is getting reinvented as we speak, and gaining popularity the world over in every conceivable corner of the house. This extremely durable material, best for outdoor as well as indoor furniture and accessories, is stunning to look at, easy to maintain and adds an effortlessly vintage-yet-casual vibe to any setting. Here are the various ways in which people are showing their love for this versatile décor element in their homes. Ideas maybe you can draw inspiration from!

Cane Amping-up Living Room Decor

Pair it with some luxurious upholstery and your wicker sofa will turn heads the moment people step into your living room. Cane armchairs, ottomans and small rattan accessories are also popping up everywhere in the décor scene, all of a sudden. Elegant style – with substance – a trend worth catching in-on, we would say!

Cane Making A Statement In The Bedroom

Rattan headboards and partitions have suddenly caught designers’ attention all over the globe and are getting used extensively for a vintage and luxe bedroom setting. Cupboards, trunks and chests made from cane are also finding use in bedrooms for storing extra blankets and bed linen.

Cane Sitting-Pretty In The Dining Room

Cane furniture like dining chairs, bar stools and side tables have begun adorning many an urban home and can instantly transform a boring space to a texturally rich, rustic setting that feels as warm as it is comfortable. Not to mention the eco-friendly and cool style statement it effortlessly makes!

Cane Jazzing-up The Outdoors

Outdoor furniture made of rattan doesn’t just last for decades, but gives an instant urban-vibe to any setting, whether it’s a simple arrangement of a table and chairs you use, or go all out and get a chic rattan day-bed, hammock or swing for your patio.

Cane Everywhere Else In The Home

Apart from all these rooms of the house, cane also finds plenty of other uses throughout the rest of the house. Elegant and stylish cane baskets can perform the all-important task of keeping various areas of the house clutter-free by acting as catchalls for knick-knacks that are otherwise cluttering every possible surface. They can also be used to organize bathroom essentials and for giving bathrooms that spa-like appeal. They can also be used as chic magazine holders or as toy baskets in kids’ rooms. And last but not the least, they can sit on the dining table, holding fresh fruit and tons of visual appeal.
Need we say more?

Happy decorating folks!