4 Practical Storage Options You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of!

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

Storage is something no household can ever to get enough of. You get a new storage unit, and within a few days, it is ready to burst at the seams. And blocking more and more space on your floor with storage units isn’t really practical. After all, you need enough space to walk around in the house. How about trying to use all the potential storage options in your home that you may have inadvertently overlooked? If you don’t believe that’s possible, and think that you may have exhausted all possible storage avenues at home, then you need to read this!

1.  This is one space that no one ever thinks of using, almost in every home. Bet you’ve left it unused too! Make use of the space above the toilet to extend your counter space and install a wall to wall mirror over it, and you have for yourself, a well-lit dressing area, right in the bathroom! If you don’t think you need such a big mirror, you can also use this newfound space to install shelves to store your everyday bathroom essentials.

2. Make use of the space above the washing machine (if you’re planning on changing your washing machine, get a front-loader) to install shelves and keep laundry detergents and softeners, all in one place. Use the vertical space available and see the size of your utility increasing magically!

3. Place a basket under the sink to keep all cleaning essentials together. You can even get a basket that hangs over the cabinet door (you’ll easily find it online) to do this job.

4. Carve out a space under the staircase to build a few shelves and give a home to all the homeless miscellanea around the house, cluttering all possible surfaces. Use baskets that will keep things organized and easy to find.