Want To Add Tons Of Style To Your Living Room? Just Get An Accent Chair

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

An accent chair is one décor element that can instantly enhance your décor and give it a modern and quirky appeal, effortlessly. All of this while being a cozy place for you and your guests to relax on. And it is the one element, that allows you to break away from the décor style you’ve chosen and include something drastically different in your space.

Here are a few interesting suggestions for you to mull on. Matchy-matchy furniture, make way!

Pop Art: Not Just On Your Walls

Here’s something dramatic that you can try, which will give your interiors tons of character, and that ranks quite high on the quirk factor. Yes, pop art. But this time, not adorning your walls. Get a conversation starter like this in a bright color and give your interiors an unabashed facelift!

Flowers Outside Of A Vase

Florals are always in. For, let’s face it. How can something as beautiful ever go out of style? And no, florals don’t always mean feminine. You can neutralize the feminine vibe with a strong wooden structure and frame. Where’s that favorite book of yours? This chair is begging to be curled up on!

Powerfully Yours

If you prefer a masculine and strong look, then this chair that silently screams power is a must-have. Full of character, this chair would work best in a neutral color so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the space.

Understated Elegance

How about adding something simple and understated to your neutral interiors. This no-frills stunner will lend a quiet elegance to your subtle interiors, ‘coz oftentimes, simple is stunningly beautiful!

Traditional Weaves

Traditional and earthy weaves have made a big comeback with all things natural finding a prominent place in the décor scene the world over. How about a cozy upholstered chair in Ikat print then, that gives your contemporary modern décor, that subtle Indian touch?

Bohemian, Yet Chic

Every element in Bohemian décor is about love and nothing it in seems forced. A comfy accent chair with a print that sparks joy in your heart then is just what the doctor ordered! Invest in a stunning showstopper that you love looking at, every time you pass by, not to mention getting cozy in.

A Victorian Statement

There’s just something about Victorian furniture. Wouldn’t you agree?
And if you’ve been shying away from buying Victorian furniture pieces for your contemporary home, getting an accent chair in an old-world finish might just be the answer. Just sprinkle a few Vintage accent pieces in your living room to create a balanced look.

So, have you decided which one you’re getting for your Living room?