WFH? Here Are 7 Great Plants For Your Home Office

Last updated on October 21st, 2021

The pandemic has left workspaces the world over, seeing a dramatic shift and most offices giving way to spare rooms and nooks inside homes. And quite interestingly, along with ergonomic desks and chairs, people have also been scouring online stores for home-office accessories and décor.

And indoor plants, that earlier adorned living rooms, bedrooms, and balconies, have become essential WFH elements, with good reason! Wanna know more? Read on!

Why plants in your home office are a fabulous idea

–They act as natural air filters by removing toxins and harmful chemicals emitted by furniture, carpets, printers, etc.

–Plants have been proven to bring down rates of illnesses like headaches, coughs, etc.

–Plants act as natural humidifiers and help prevent dry skin, eyes, and throat.

–Plants in the office space are known to reduce stress and boost moods by making the work environment seem more pleasant and appealing.  

–Plants also lead to increased productivity by increasing levels of concentration, alertness, and even creativity.

Plants popular in home offices around the globe

1. Spider plant

This beautiful striped plant has been trending the world over as a popular home office plant and can be set on a shelf, desk, or in a hanging pot. It hardly needs much care and can do without much sunlight, or regular watering. And what’s more, it’s safe for your fur-babies!

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent that doesn’t need much water and is a popular home office décor choice as it comes in handy at home because of its variety of medicinal uses. But if you have cats at home, this isn’t a plant you can keep, as it tends to be highly poisonous for them.

3. Snake Plant

Even if you forget to water your snake plant frequently, it isn’t going to hold it against you. This is one plant that can survive in many environments both well-lit or spaces devoid of much natural light. And oh, we forgot to mention – it looks absolutely beautiful.  

4. Air Plant

Now here’s one plant that doesn’t need much care. It doesn’t even need soil!

Extremely easy to care for, these pretty plants can be displayed out of glass orbs, rocks or whatever else you want to get creative with. They just need to be sprayed with water once or twice a week and can live happily ever after, on your desk.

5. Peace Lily

This pretty plant with its beautiful white flowers can add life to your dull working space. Just make sure you don’t have pets at home as it can be poisonous for them. It does very well even in shade – so even if your office doesn’t have too much natural light, it shouldn’t pose any difficulty. Just keep giving it enough water to keep the soil moist.

6. Philodendron

This lush beauty is for you if you don’t have much of a green thumb or happen to be an expert at killing plants! All you need to keep in mind is, that this hardy plant needs indirect sunlight.

Keep it near a window or a place that gets indirect natural light, water it occasionally, and you’re all set!

7. Boston Fern

Boston fern can be a stunning addition to your home office. But it does tend to need some care, regularly. If you do get one for your desk, you’ll need to make sure the soil is moist at all times and mist the leaves once a week. And remember, excessive heat or dryness can kill your pretty desk companion.