Window Decor Re-imagined: Blinds Aren’t Just Meant For Offices

Last updated on March 21st, 2022

Bare windows can make a space seem cold and uninviting. Don’t you agree? And window treatments are a great way to cheer up not just the windows but also the entire space around them, with the right addition of texture, depth, and color. Along come the added advantages of privacy and keeping light away when needed.

Curtains, a popular décor element, that started out with frills and flowers a few decades ago have now undergone a transformation and have taken up a more subdued elegance with simple and understated patterns and designs. What has also made an entry into the world of home décor, are blinds, so far reserved only for cold office and commercial spaces.

So, if you’re setting out to decorate your new home or planning to give a face-lift to your existing décor, here are a few room-based insights into the uses of these two kinds of window dressing that come with their own advantages.

For The Living Room

Curtains are a popular choice when it comes to window treatments needed in the living room and lounge areas. They’ve been around for a long time and sometimes seem like the only option.

But of late, blinds are also gaining popularity owing to their versatility, ease of use, and convenience they offer. They lend style and a touch of class to spaces and are finding uses beyond just offices and commercial spaces.

For The Bedrooms

Blinds and curtains – either of them can work really well with this space. While smaller spaces can be made to look spacious and expansive with high, wall-mounted Roman blinds, blackout curtains will make more sense in larger rooms where you need to keep the light out.

Also, curtains make more sense in kids’ bedrooms and come in many child-friendly prints and designs.


Curtains aren’t the best choice when it comes to bathrooms, as the exposure to constant moisture can leave them with mildew and mold. Roman blinds though, are a great idea and work really well in bathrooms.

They don’t just give a stylish and modern appeal to a space but also work well in many places where curtains can’t be used.

And Your Kitchen?

Kitchens are yet another space where curtains aren’t a good choice, owing to the nature of the activity that takes place there. Venetian blinds work way better as they are easier to clean in the event of spills and stains.

These are also practically maintenance-free and available in a wide variety of colors and designs, making them an ideal choice for kitchens.

Give in to your blind love with abandon! Happy decorating everyone!