11 Tips To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

Last updated on November 19th, 2021

How can you take our interiors from blah to beautiful – the way only interior designers can?

Well, if you think about it, there are a few things that most designers do with most spaces that they work with. And following those can give you the same results! Read on to discover what they are, and watch your guests’ jaws dropping all the way to your stunning living room floor!

1. Get Pinterest-ing!

Search Pinterest for Images of interiors that appeal to you. Once you’ve finished collecting a sufficient number of them, step back and look at them. You’ll arrive at the décor style you like, and want to re-create in your home. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Use Three Colors

Colors are a very personal choice. Look at all the pictures you’ve saved and see which colors call to you. Choose three colors or shades. One main color for walls, another one for larger accents like the couch, and a third for smaller accessories and knick-knacks. Remember, three is better than two or one. A room done in a single color is boring.

3. Invest In Statement Furniture

A room with too many small furniture pieces only clutters the room, confusing the eye. Instead, mix up big and small elements. Most designers use one large statement piece even in tiny spaces. Remember, a mix of big and small is the key to good design. And this applies to accessories too.

4. Throw In Plenty Of Textures

The texture is as important as color. Add plenty of textures to your interiors in the form of different fabrics and textiles. They may all be in the same color if you so prefer. But the difference in textures will stand out, creating a warm, rich space. An all-beige room, for instance, can have linen drapes, a beige velvet chair, silk cushions, woven baskets, and a cotton sofa. And manage to look like a million dollars.

5. Be bold

Give your interiors unexpected pops of color and patterns against neutral backgrounds. These bold choices will seem like an Interior Designer made them for you. A large purple velvet cushion on your white couch or a bright, patterned rug used as showstoppers in the setting, for instance.

6. Accessorize Well

The simplest way to put together a ‘designer’ look is to add plenty of accessories. Designers love to use trays, baskets, and stylish bowls to bring together loose things needing a home. Try adding a tray to your coffee table for instance, and drop a few colored stones into it, place a pretty candle and a few books in it, and there you have it. Your own ‘designer’ inspired vista! Try and create these throughout your home and see the magic!

7. Add Some Luxury

If you want to pull off a designer-created look, add a touch of luxury to each room. And how do you do that? By adding a few glittery and metallic elements.

8. Infuse Some drama

Add an element of intrigue and mystery into your interiors. It isn’t rocket science. Try using dark, bold wallpapers in a small space, for instance, and you’ll see it looking glamorous and chic effortlessly!

9. Give It Your Personality

Stamp your interiors with your personality. Remember, even interior designers begin by knowing who you are and what you like, and use the information throughout the design process. And who can know you better than yourself?

10. Add Natural Elements

Natural elements can add a certain final touch to your interiors that somehow screams ‘Interior Designer’. Don’t believe us? Go back to all those Pinterest images you saved and see them for yourself!
It’s simple. Just add floral arrangements, plants, feathers, twigs, or any other natural element that catches your fancy. But, no fake plants or flowers, please.

11. And Remember, It Isn’t A Race

Take your time with your interiors. What’s the point in finishing things in record time, if the results don’t spark joy in you?
Happy designing!