15 Crazy-Good Wardrobe Design Tips for Small Indian Bedrooms

Last updated on November 16th, 2023

In Indian homes, more often than not, wardrobes are looked upon as merely functional units. Especially when space comes at a premium and you find yourself faced with the mammoth task of designing a wardrobe for a not-so-big bedroom.

But why let a cramped space have you compromise on style or storage or both when there are ways for you to have them both – all in the space that you have! Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!

1. Keep It Understated With Light Colors

Light colors fool the eye and open up your bedroom. They add all the storage you need while managing to stay light and undemanding. They can also easily pair up with the walls of the bedroom, whether dark or light.

2. The Mirror Trick

Put the age-old trick to good use by incorporating mirrors on all of your wardrobe panels or a few of them. This is a great trick to use in small Indian bedrooms. The mirrors will bounce light across the bedroom, multiplying the perception of space and cleverly substituting for a dressing-up mirror.

3. Sliding doors

Small space-savers can leave a big impact on small homes. Sliding doors can help save a huge amount of floor area allowing for unobstructed movement in the room. An investment worth making, don’t you think?

4. Do Away With Doors

Yes, sliding-door wardrobes do save space. But there are times when even they can’t be used. In a room with limited width, for instance. Here’s what can still be done. Give the space a nice, well-organized closet that you can leave open (it’s quite in vogue these days if you’re wondering), or cover with curtains for an uber-chic look!

5. Create A Seamless Look

Try duplicating the colors and patterns of the walls of your bedroom in your wardrobe doors and you’ll find that the wardrobe seems to melt into the background without seeming overwhelming in any way in the tiny space.

6. Get Lofty

Top your wardrobes with a 4-cabinet loft that you can use to stow away things you only need occasionally. This will help carry the eye upwards, using the height of the room as an advantage, making the room appear more spacious than it is.

7. See-Through Splendor

Conventional Indian wardrobe doors might seem like they are eating into the space in a bedroom, especially if the room isn’t very large. Try translucent doors instead, which can add depth and create an illusion of space. Also, keeping them translucent, and not completely see-through ensures privacy.

8. Use Boxes For Organizing

Organize your closet space well by making use of baskets and storage cubes. Keep it all tidy and never lose a thing!

9. A Closet That Uses Niches

If your bedroom is blessed with niches, don’t let them go unutilized. Use the recessed, awkward niche space by installing a handy closet in it.

10. Get Hooked

Make a small closet storage-heavy by adding hooks (that look like drawer-pulls) on the walls next to it. These hooks can be used to hang anything from hats, handbags to your well-worn pair of jeans!

11. Use The Headboard Wall

You can use the headboard wall like this by building cabinets and cupboards on either side of the bed. The connection between the wardrobes can also house a few items as a bonus!

12. Surround Your Door With Cabinets

Put the oft-wasted wall around the doorway to great use by building floor-to-ceiling cabinets on either side of the door, and you have yourself a wardrobe that packs a punch with a tiny footprint!

13. Use The hallway

Free up the floor space in your bedroom by building storage in your hallway and keeping your work clothes in it! How’s that for a space-saving idea?

14. Corner Closets

Did you know that corners can make for the most amazing closets with double the rail space available? Have a look!

15. Under-the-bed-pullout Closet

If space is a real constraint, there are all kinds of ways to get creative with bedroom furniture. How about an under-the-bed pullout closet like this one here? You can have your carpenter customize one for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we did, curating them for you. Do visit us for more ideas to make your home, one that you love.