9 Delightful Headboard Ideas You Can Steal For Your Bedroom

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

The major contributor to the decor of a bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. Is your bedroom lately giving you vibes of boredom or outdated style? Perhaps it is not the entire room that needs revamping, but merely your bed.

Headboards bring in a fabulous combination of style and comfort that is enough to uplift the decor of a bedroom, large or small. We have compiled 9 wonderful headboard ideas that you will want to make a part of your bed ASAP. Here they are!

1. A Boho Headboard

Has it been years since you last decorated or renovated your bedroom? Have you started hating everything about it, right from the wall colors to the side table to the curtains? Don’t go crazy scrolling through innumerable Instagram feeds for inspiration. Check out Homebliss.in for ideas on bohemian headboard designs. Add some indoor plants, and lo! Your new and improved bedroom is ready. Unconventional and artful, a bohemian headboard will please you no end.

2. A house-shaped Headboard

Perfect for kids and the young at heart, a house-shaped headboard is a playful addition to any bedroom interior. This headboard offers multiple uses. It gives you comfortable back support while sitting up. It also adds extra coziness with its unusual design.

It also makes reading at night easier as you can hang a light on top, closer to your head.

3. A Royal Headboard

Royal headboards are an absolute visual treat and provide an opulent comfort that makes you feel nothing less than a king or queen. The best part is that this headboard is not limited to luxuriously decorated bedrooms.
If your bedroom has a luxurious interior, choose a heavily decorated royal headboard to go with it. If it is minimalistic, pick royal headboards in soft tones with little or no design. Head over to Homebliss.in for more ideas!

4. A Sofa-Inspired Headboard

For the ultimate comfort and style, a sofa-inspired headboard is a perfect pick. This type of headboard is usually made of real or synthetic leather offering the same cushioning effect for your back as your sofa. This makes it a hit among those looking for luxury plus unmatched comfort and style in their bedroom.

5. A Headboard with Storage

Hitting three targets with one arrow, here is a headboard that offers style, comfort, and extra storage. It is available in a variety of designs and colors to complement any kind of bedroom look.

6. A Headboard Wall

The coolest and most unique headboard design is the wall headboard. It is available in a variety of materials and sits behind the bed covering a large part of the wall. It lends a distinct touch to the interior of the bedroom and you can even customize the headboard by adding shelves for storage or display.

7. Linen Covers for the Headboard

If you always crave uniqueness in your surroundings, then a linen headboard is just the one for you. No need to change headboards, simply buy headboard linen covers in different colors, patterns, and designs and change the look every week or month, or even day! They are also easier to maintain and are a less costly option.

8. A Wooden Headboard

If you are the one who is always inspired by timeless looks, then nothing will impress you like a wooden headboard. High on looks, utility, and durability, wooden headboards are perfect additions to bedrooms and help elevate the look of the entire space effortlessly!

9. Uniquely-shaped Headboards

“I’m in love with the shape of you!” You will be singing this every time you enter your bedroom with a unique shaped headboard like the one shown here. We can’t stop admiring how the clean lines are rounded to create a design that mesmerizes and makes you fall in love with your bedroom every time you look at it. You can pick the headboard in both complementing and contrasting colors; it won’t come in the way of its appeal. Now that’s called impactful.

So you see, big changes to your space are possible with small additions; no need to go for a bank or back-breaking redecoration! Here’s another read you might like!

Happy decorating, folks!