15 Lighting Concepts to Elevate Your Bedroom Décor

Last updated on August 20th, 2023

You can splurge on your bedroom furniture, get the perfect colors and add interesting accessories, but if your lighting doesn’t make the mark, your decor will look lifeless. Sure, a chandelier and some lamps will suffice. But to take it to the next level, you need to put some thought into what goes where, and how much light you need.

Let’s face it, track lights next to your chandelier will kill your look in a matter of minutes. So, how do you bring light into your room and your life? Let’s look at these fascinating lighting options for your bedroom.

1. Perfection with pendant lights

Pendant lights are just as gorgeous as the pearl drops in your ears. These lights can be strung up on the sides of your bed in perfect symmetry. Or you can go for a cluster of three lights strung up at different levels on one side for impact.

2. Exude seduction with table lamps

Table lamps are utterly gorgeous and it is perfect if you want to give a seductive vibe to your bedroom. There are oodles of styles to choose from, but vintage lamps are ideal for a charming look.

3. Rock it with recessed wall lights

Recessed wall lights allow you to amplify select areas of your room. This can be on the sides of your headboard or your TV unit.

4. The wonder of wall sconces

Wall sconces are ideal when you don’t want the bother of a lamp cluttering your nightstand. Pick a design that goes with your decor. Curved or floral affairs work well for old-world charm.

5. Fabulous floor lamps

It’s amazing how much drama a single floor lamp can add to your space. They are elegant and functional too. With the plethora of styles to choose from you have your work cut out for you.

6. Dare to bare with bulbs

Bare bulbs. Do you dare? This style statement is snooty in its simplicity. And it’s fun to see the reaction on your friend’s faces when they next come for your get-together.

7. Ace it with accent lights

If you want to throw some light on your wall art or the interesting design features in your room, accent lights are your go-to fixtures.

8. Charm of chandeliers

Chandeliers love to lord it over the rest of the light fixtures from their perch on the ceiling. And why not? They grab the eyeballs as soon as you walk into the room! Choose wisely for maximum impact.

9. A touch of color with LED lights

For a funky look, colored LED lights will do the trick. These lights are perfect for your teenage kid’s room or for adding a naughty vibe to your bedroom.

10. Go crazy with track lights

Track lights are stylish and sleek. They work best on the sides of your space to focus on the interesting features in your design.

11. Do it with dimmers

Dimmers are mood changers and a must for your bedroom decor as you can dim the lights for a romantic vibe.

12. Magic of mood lighting

It’s about stationing your lighting in a way that gives your room a cozy feel or a sleek no-nonsense vibe if that works for you.

13. Night lights

Night lights are like the guiding north star. These are especially important for the elderly to avoid a fall in the night.

14. Natural light

Natural light is exuberant. And it’s glorious. This is especially true when you let the sunrays dance on your flooring. Let the light in!

15. Fun with fairy lights

Fairy lights add magic to your decor and are an unbeatable favorite, no matter how old you are. These charming lights will not only light up the room, but the twinkling bulbs will fill your heart with joy.

Our thoughts

Lighting depends on the size and style of your bedroom decor. While you cover the basics, less is always more. So restrain yourself and go only for the essentials. At homebliss.in we take our lighting seriously. We know how to give your decor the maximum impact with light fixtures. Look us up if you have doubts.