5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house, and choosing the right kitchen tiles for this space, both for its walls and floors, isn’t an easy task. Not only do the tiles you choose need to give a stylish appearance to the space, but also stay undamaged and without stains in the face of footfalls, spills, get-togethers and pets.

Here are 5 top tips that will make this mammoth task, just a little bit easier for you.

1. Keep In Mind Where You’re Installing The Tiles

First things first. Before you even arrive at a tile color or texture, you will need to think of where those tiles are going to be installed – behind the stove, on the backsplash, or on the kitchen floor.
While ‘floor tiles’ need to be strong enough in the face of shoes, spills and cleaning supplies, they also need to have a high COF (coefficient of friction) so that they aren’t too slippery to walk on. Quarry tiles can be a great choice for kitchen floors.
Your ‘wall tiles’ on the other hand, can be glossy and painted, although they will need to withstand hot splatters and daily cleaning. Good options for kitchen walls and backsplashes are tiles made of porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal or stone.

2. Get To Know The Different Types Of Tiles

Broadly speaking, a ‘tile’ is a strong, flat material that is laid over a surface in rows. For kitchens there are many kinds of tiles available. These could be quarry, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, glass etc., to name a few. Some of these are fit to be used for flooring in the kitchen and other, more delicate ones are reserved for walls and backsplashes. It’s important for you to learn these differences to be able to make the right decision.

3.Know Your Budget Before Falling In Love With A Look

Kitchen tiles can fall in a wide variety of types and budgets. There are the inexpensive varieties like vinyl or linoleum tiles or the custom designed ceramic ones that are expensive. It’s important to arrive at a budget and look for tiles that fall within it, before you get committed to a certain ‘look’ that you’ve let yourself fall in love with. Do your homework first.

4.Think About Your Household’s Habits

Kitchen tiles are designed to be resilient. But different types of tiles need different upkeep. Ceramic tiles, for instance, although heat resistant, can chip or crack because of their uneven surface. Keep your family’s habits and the traffic in your kitchen in mind, before investing in this major decision.

5.Know What’s Trending In Tiles

Choosing kitchen tiles can be a tricky decision to make. You don’t just have to live with your decision for many, many years, but also need to be prepared for the maintenance that this decision brings with it. But one thing that can make your decision-making a bit easier is to see what’s trending in the tile-world.
To give your kitchen a unique look, you could opt for patterned or differently shaped tiles. Both kinds of tiles can give your kitchen a timeless and eye-catching appeal. Just make sure you mix them up with plain tiles, as you don’t want to make your kitchen appear too cluttered or overwhelming to look at.