Acrylic Vs Laminate: What’s Better For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

A beautiful kitchen needs careful thinking and sometimes a few essential décor elements, like the way your cabinets look, can make all the difference between an ordinary modular kitchen and one so stunning, you can’t take your eyes off it.

Among the most popular options, acrylic and laminates are the most sought-after. But these two can be very different in how they look, how easy they are to maintain and how expensive or inexpensive they are. Choosing one over the other is just a matter of what’s more important to you. Here’s a quick lowdown on their pros and cons for you to look at before you begin putting together the kitchen of your dreams.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Acrylic Finishes

Made of polymer fiber, acrylics are similar in their appeal to lacquer and give a smooth and seamless, mirror-like appearance to cabinets. They are available in many colors.

Laminate Finishes

Made from layers of flat paper and plastic resins pressed together, laminates are yet another popular finish given to kitchen cabinets, with their upper-layer printed with colors and decorative patterns.

Acrylics Vs Laminates: A Comparison

1. Looks

Acrylics have a glossy mirror-like shine that gives them an upmarket and plush appeal. And although laminates are also available in a glossy finish, they are less reflective when compared with acrylics, leaving the kitchen looking less than striking.

Acrylics, if cost isn’t a consideration can keep a kitchen looking classy with a sheen that stays on for years.

2. Available Varieties

Acrylics are available in a wide variety of colors, all with a glossy, mirror-like appeal. Laminates come in a wider variety of colors and finishes including glossy, matte, and ultra-glossy finishes. They also come in many textures like wood, stone etc.

3. Maintenance

Laminate finishes are resistant to heat, moisture, and bacteria and are quite durable in the face of daily wear and tear. They can also be kept clean with just regular wiping.

Acrylic finishes on the other hand, with their uber-glossy and flawless appeal need regular and frequent cleaning as they tend to accumulate visible dirt and fingerprints with regular use. But they are also resistant to scratches and moisture and do not delaminate or fade for many years. They are also known to be resistant to UV light.

4. Cost

The high-end, glossy look of an acrylic finish comes with a higher price tag and isn’t a great choice if you’re working within a budget. On average, it is priced at Rs 1500 per square foot onwards, when compared with an average of Rs 800 per square foot, that a laminate finish is available at.

Which One Should You Choose Then?

Experts suggest that the best thing to do, considering the qualities of each of the materials, is to get the best of both worlds by using a combination of both laminate and acrylic finishes in your kitchen.
Since the upper cabinets tend to be better lit, give them an acrylic finish for a glossy, high-end appeal. And use laminates on lower cabinets so that they can stand comparatively more wear and tear. Don’t forget to look through the design catalogs and find the perfect match!

Here’s wishing that you start cooking in the kitchen of your dreams soon!