Add A Little Sunshine To Your Kid’s Bedroom With These Yellow Accents

Last updated on April 26th, 2022

Decorating a kid’s bedroom opens up a whole world of different possibilities and designs. You don’t have to stick to neutral shades and can go really wild with your palette. It’s the perfect opportunity to be as bold, bright or as magical as you can get. After all, it’s a kid’s room you are doing up.

Here’re a few ideas to add some sunshine to your little one’s room by sprinkling a few yellow accents here and there. The idea is not to go overboard with one color, but add just the right amount of magic!

1. The yellow table, flowers and the throw pillows add just the right amount of color to this room that is otherwise done mostly in neutral hues.

2. The eye-catching yellow rug, the chair, and the yellow throw pillow are all that is needed to instantly spruce up this kid’s bedroom with a chalkboard feature wall.

3. This room done up in white and yellow is too cute for words with the not-so-subtle hints in yellow adding the perfect dash of color to the room.

4. The bold yellow used here, speaks for itself in this beautifully planned kids’ bedroom.


5. The bright yellow walls along with the blue ceiling with the paper lanterns hanging below it, make this simple kid’s room picture-perfect!


6. This kid’s bedroom decorated in beige and yellow looks more than perfect with the colors blending in beautifully with each other.

7. This room makes quite a bit of a statement with the mural of a car and the yellow used on the bed alone, in the otherwise pristine white décor.

8. The green and blue colors in this room are beautifully brought to life with the yellow details added here and there, in the tiny chairs, the bean bag, and the curtains.

9. The yellow feature wall in this room gives the room just the right colorful accent against the otherwise beige décor. The painting on the feature wall, the yellow cushions and the bedcover dotting the décor, further increase the fun factor.

10. The white furniture and the décor in this room beautifully complement the yellow sprinkled throughout this room in the just the right amount.

Happy decorating, everyone!