Acrylic Or Membrane: Which Finish Should You Choose For Your Kitchen Cabinets And Wardrobes?

Last updated on October 9th, 2023

Who doesn’t want a stunning kitchen that doesn’t cost a fortune to design! Out of laminate, acrylic and membrane, the three finishes popularly available today, membrane and acrylic are the most in demand.

And in this quick read, we tell you everything about them so that you can decide which one is better suited for your interiors!

What Is An Acrylic Finish?

Acrylic is a glossy, high-end finish that you can get for your wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Available in a wide variety of colors, this non-toxic finish gives almost a mirror-like appearance to any surface it covers.

What Is A Membrane Finish?

Membrane finish gives a natural vibe to a space. It is a PVC foil available in matte, glossy, and wooden finishes. Made of foils wrapped around MDF, under high pressure, membrane is the most popular finish for kitchens today.

Acrylic Vs. Membrane: A Quick Comparison

Which one looks better?
–Acrylic is definitely more stylish than the two. Used in high-end kitchens and bedrooms, it gives the kitchen and wardrobes a glossy and plush look.
–Membrane on the other hand has a rich and natural appeal and is suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens and when you have a budget to think of.

Which is one is more durable?
–Acrylic finish can withstand a lot of wear and tear and doesn’t lose its sheen and gloss for many years.
–Membrane finish is water and weatherproof and a good choice for kitchens as well as wardrobes. But over time and constant use, it may get discolored from exposure to sunlight and the foil has been known to start peeling.
What about their costs?
–Membrane finish is the more cost-effective alternative between the two with prices starting anywhere around Rs.1,80,000 for kitchens and Rs.18,000 for wardrobes.
–Acrylic finish makes a statement in style, but at an added cost. This premium finish starts at around Rs.2,00,000 for kitchens and around Rs.25,000 for wardrobes.

What Should You Choose For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Needless to say, an acrylic finish lends a kitchen a superior edge both in terms of looks and durability. If you’re looking to make a statement and money isn’t a constraint then acrylic is the way to go. You could even have a similar look by choosing an acrylic finish for your upper cabinets and a cheaper alternative for the lower ones.

What’s Best For Your Wardrobes?

Wardrobes don’t see as much moisture or abuse(!) as kitchen cabinets. If budget isn’t a concern then your first choice should be acrylic finish for a rich and plush look. But if you want to go for something economical, membrane is your best bet.

Go ahead. Make the smart choice!