Can You Close Off Your Open Kitchen?

Last updated on May 5th, 2023

Open plan these kitchens are the norm in most Western homes, but they can be challenging in the Indian kitchen context. We cook a lot more, and the aroma of our curries travels to the neighboring apartment, let alone the rest of the house.

Then there is the matter of our house help, trapezing into the kitchen to do the dishes. This works on most days, but when you have guests over, the clanging of pots and pans doesn’t quite jell with the ambiance of bruschetta and glasses of wine with soft music in the background. You get the picture. But, no worries. Read on for tips on closing off your kitchen.

The Illusion of Divided Space

To give a semblance of division without affecting the openness of your space, you can go for appealing partitions in metal, wooden slats, or glass to block off areas such as the sink. Curtains are a great option as they allow you to shut off the area when you are entertaining and can still enjoy the expense of space when you open the curtains.

Depending on your need for privacy, you can also go for a divider that hides more than it shows. Working with a mix of materials such as wood, glass, or bronze can give your home decor an exciting flavor. Worth exploring.

Wall it Up

It’s difficult to hide a sink full of dirty dishes or clutter of pots and pans on your kitchen counter with a flimsy partition. To hide the mess, you need something more solid such as a wall. And hey, habits are hard to change, and you may be able to keep your kitchen clean for a couple of days, but it can be challenging on a permanent level. So, if you are a clutter bug, go for a solid wall to block off the view. You can go for bricks and mortar or try a plywood partition, too, making it easy to install. To make it interesting, try fancy paneling and delightful paint.

Go Rustic with Bricks

Closing off that gorgeous space can be a painful affair, especially when you had your mind set on it initially. But hey, have no fear. Introduce a rustic element into your kitchen by using bricks. Stone slats work just as well, and if exposed bricks don’t excite you, give them a coat of paint to amp up the look. Wicker baskets and plants will add flavor to this magnificent décor.

Partitions: What Are Your Options?

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Wooden paneling with visible knots can add a gorgeous country kitchen vibe to your decor. Make sure to add open shelves with wrought iron supports to complete this fabulous look. Sectioned glass partitions with doors are extremely appealing too. For more privacy, opt for frosted glass.

Other options are colorful laminate partitions or ceramic tiles.

Sliding Partitions

Why not have your cake and eat it too? You can enjoy an open space when you are alone and shut it off with sliding panels when you don’t want to be disturbed by the clanging of the pots as the house help does her bit. Tinted glass partitions give a classy pristine look. Wooden sliding panels with detailing can be magnificent too. Acrylic is another good material that comes in various textures and colors.

Why Not Increase the Height of Your Island?

If you follow the adage, a place for everything and everything in its place, this one is for you. A high kitchen island can cover up the sink and counter area, leaving the space open for the eyes to take in the beauty of your classy kitchen. What’s more, a high island with bar stools is ideal for intimate dinners with your special someone.

Final Thoughts

The options are limitless for closing off your kitchen area. The best part is that you get a new look by adding a few tweaks to your kitchen and living room decor.

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