5 More Design Secrets You Must Learn Before You Are 30

Last updated on March 24th, 2022


Decorating a home is no child’s play. The décor you hand-pick needs to make a fabulous impression on your visiting friends and family, stay with the current trends, and most importantly, warm your heart every single day, as you continue to live around it. And if that wasn’t enough, all of it also needs to be done within a certain budget!

It goes without saying that we are all bound to make more than a few rookie mistakes, on this treacherous (!) journey of learning and discovery.

But we are here to make this journey of yours more enjoyable and less overwhelming with a few tips from experts who’ve been there and done that several times over. And as promised, here’s the second installment of design secrets we think everyone needs to know before they turn 30! If you’ve missed the last read, you can find the first five design secrets here.

6. Your couch is just the canvas, let it not become the art

Don’t buy that big, bright, colorful sofa. Even if it does catch the eye, you don’t want this single piece of furniture to define your entire space.  Also, you can’t really change it on a whim, since a couch is a big-ticket item and will stay with you for years.

When you’re investing a big chunk of your budget on some furniture, it helps to make sure it’s neutral and forms the foundation of your décor. Accent it with pillows, throws, and rugs – all of which you can change with seasons and add holiday touches to, whenever you want.

7. Say no to matching furniture sets

Don’t have your home looking like a showroom by buying everything from the same place. Mix up your furniture pieces whether they are modern or vintage, eclectic or traditional. Give your space a reflection of your personality and aesthetic. Just make sure the pieces complement each other, for the space to appear balanced.

8. Don’t hesitate to grab unique finds

If you ever get drawn to a one-of-a-kind item that’s unique and you feel that you can’t stop thinking about it, seize the moment and pick it up. These kinds of things are always worth investing in, and whether you put them on display instantly or years later, they will never stop being your favorite and will end up being show-stoppers in their own right.

9. Shopping without a design plan? Bad idea!

Picture this. You’re at the grocery store, without a list and you’ve skipped breakfast that morning. How do you think it goes? You end up with more junk in your cart than you would otherwise have bought. The same thing applies to going out shopping for interior décor without a plan – you end up wasting time and money – both precious commodities.

Have a design plan and measurements in place, before you pick out items for your home.  

10. Don’t fall for short-lived trends

Don’t rely on the ‘hottest’ trends when you’re out to buy large furniture pieces or choosing paint colors. If you really like a trendy color, get accent pieces like pillows or rugs in the color – things you don’t need to make a long-term commitment to.  Do up the bones of your house in your favorite colors and style, not what’s ‘in vogue’ now.

Happy decorating, folks!