Built-In Wardrobes Or Freestanding Cupboards: Which Ones Should You Get?

Last updated on February 8th, 2022

If you’ve been wondering if you should go in for a built-in wardrobe or invest in freestanding ones instead, you are not alone. The choice is a rather tough one for homeowners.

In this feature, we’ve tried to make this choice a little bit easier for you, by outlining their pros and cons. Have a look.

Free-standing Cupboards

The Advantages

1. Quick Delivery: In all likelihood, you should be able to get your freestanding wardrobe delivered the next day or so, if not the same day.
2. Mobility: A freestanding cupboard allows you to move your wardrobe to a different bedroom and change your existing layout, whenever you want. You can even take it with you when you move home.
3. Ease Of reselling/replacing: A freestanding wardrobe gives you the flexibility to sell the existing one and purchase a new one.
4. Matching furniture: The store that you buy your freestanding wardrobe from would also have matching furniture pieces like a chest of drawers, bedside tables, or a vanity unit to go with the wardrobe, if you want to style your bedroom effortlessly, without having to hunt around for different items.

The Disadvantages

1. They’re harder to organize your stuff in Freestanding cupboards have standard sizes and layouts for hanging space, drawers, and shelf space, and aren’t designed around your requirements. So, you might find it inconvenient to keep your stuff organized in them.
2. Freestanding cupboards waste space: Most freestanding wardrobes leave a considerable amount of space unused above them and even around them, wasting precious floor space that could otherwise be put to better use.
3. They can make a space feel cluttered: With their far-from-streamlined appearance and ‘stuff’ finding its way above them, these cupboards can seem imposing in small apartments, when compared to the seamless look of built-in wardrobes.

Built-in Wardrobes

The Advantages

1. Best use of available space: Built-in wardrobes can be built to make the best use of available space, from the floor all the way to the ceiling.
2. Hiding awkward spaces: Fitted wardrobes make hiding away and making use of sloped or awkward corners and spaces easy.
3. Customized storage: You can design your wardrobes based on your clothing preferences and lifestyle, something that freestanding wardrobes with their standard fittings, fail to help you with.
4. They can make a space look bigger: Full-length wardrobes draw the eye upwards and make a room look bigger than it is. Also, as is popularly done, if you choose to incorporate mirrors on their doors, this further expands your space visually.

The Disadvantages

1. More expense: While it does depend on what you choose, in general, fitted wardrobes are more expensive than their standard freestanding counterparts.
2. Delayed delivery: You can’t buy a custom wardrobe and expect immediate delivery. You will need to factor in the time it takes for measurement appointments, designing, ordering of materials, and the actual time it takes to build the wardrobes, which can take weeks.
3. Immovability: A fitted wardrobe is rather permanent and cannot be carried along when you move home. Also, once installed, you cannot move it around to change the layout of the room.

And The Verdict?

While freestanding wardrobes can be moved around and replaced when you feel bored of them, built-in wardrobes make better use of space and can be designed around your unique needs.
So, when it comes to choosing what’s best for your lifestyle and family, apart from knowing the pros and cons of each, it’s important to consider your personal decor choices and how you like to use the space in your home.

Hope we’ve managed to take you closer to the right decision! Happy decorating, folks!