Sliding Doors Or Hinged Doors? Finally The Wardrobe Dilemma Solved!

Last updated on January 4th, 2022

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And it has rightly been so, in case of sliding-door wardrobes!
Although hinged-door wardrobes have been around for way longer, and have given us a fairly simple way of storing our clothes and accessories, space constraints and some of the limitations that they came with, led to a switch to sliding door mechanisms in wardrobes, over a period of time.

Here are 6 good reasons for you to make the switch if you haven’t already!

1. They’re Easy To Install

Sliding door wardrobes are way easier to install than their hinged-door counterparts, as they only need the tracks to be made, doing away with drilling and other carpentry that traditional doors require.

2. They’re Not Invasive

Sliding door wardrobes allow you to hide away your clothes in a corner of the room and have a less intrusive appearance.

3. They Don’t Need Too Much Space

This is one of the major advantages of having a sliding-door mechanism in your wardrobes.
Since hinged-door wardrobes open towards the front, they don’t just need that extra space in the front to open fully, this also limits the depth and width of the wardrobe, based on the available space. Since sliding doors don’t need any additional space to open, they leave more room for the shelves.

4. They’re Resistant To Damage

Most hinged door wardrobes open up to a 90-degree angle. But with daily use, this angle keeps increasing, sometimes even threatening to loosen the door off its hinges. This also puts a lot of strain on the hinges and the framework. A sliding-door mechanism doesn’t have these issues.

5. They Come With Many Design Options

Sliding-door wardrobes can offer a more contemporary look to your bedroom with the different finishes that their doors can have. You can choose to have a wardrobe with doors that have a lacquered, glass, or mirror finish.

And since in hinged-door wardrobes all the weight of the doors gets concentrated on the hinges, any additional weight on them due to mirrors or glass can become a problem.

6. They Can Have Wider Doors

Hinged-door wardrobes cannot have doors exceeding 600 mm, as it weakens the hinges over time and can cause faulty closing and opening or even a complete separation of the door from its hinges. Sliding-door wardrobes come with no such limitation.

When Can You NOT Use Sliding-Doors

Well, here are a few cases when a sliding-door wardrobe may not be the best choice for you:
–If you need a small wardrobe with not much clothing to store.
–If you want to use the back of the doors for storage.
–If you want the doors to open fully and see what’s inside the entire wardrobe at one go.

Have fun designing your dream abode, folks!