DesignWise: Not Just An Ordinary Wardrobe!

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

Interior design just got smarter. And with the increasing space-crunch, it is no longer about making things pleasant on the eyes, but more importantly, putting every single inch of your space to best use. And all this, without compromising on style or quality.

Read on for some amazing design ideas to explore the immense potential that your bedroom holds. We promise you; you’ll definitely end up implementing these ideas back home!

A Wardrobe With Display Shelves

A bedroom doesn’t have to be a completely utilitarian space. While you use it for sleep and getting dressed, why not make it home to a few things that make you happy? Like the souvenirs from your favorite trip, or a goofy family photograph that reminds you of good times? You can carve out an elegant space right in your wardrobe for these little knick-knacks. Have a look…

A Wardrobe With A Dresser

A dresser can eat up a lot of floor space. Why not have one incorporated into your wardrobe itself, so that you save space and make dressing-up easier and more efficient? Let yourself be vain in style. It’s called vanity for a reason!

A Wardrobe With A Pooja Nook

A space for prayer is a very personal thing. And needs to give you the privacy to be able to connect with the divine in peace. Especially for those of us who don’t like to wear our religious beliefs on our sleeve. A Pooja nook, in your bedroom, right alongside your wardrobe then, seems like the best choice for this sacred space.

A Wardrobe With A Study

A desk is no longer a prerequisite in kids’ rooms alone. We all need it as our work-from-home spot, or just as a quiet space to sort out bills and paperwork. But you don’t need to dedicate a separate space in your bedroom for this all-important zone, with its own set of shelves for books and relevant stationery. Just carve out some space in your wardrobe and you’re all set! You can choose to leave it open, or have doors to hide it all out of sight when it’s not in use. All you then need is a comfortable and sleek chair to complete the set-up.

A Wardrobe With A TV Unit

Gone are the days when the TV used to be viewed by the entire family in the living area. Most of us now like to watch our favorite shows at our own convenient times and in our own private space.
But placing a TV in the bedroom doesn’t have to be a floor-space consuming affair with an elaborate TV unit to keep the remotes, speakers, and other gadgetry in. Make space in your wardrobe for a custom TV unit with space carved out for the accompanying paraphernalia, and you’re all set to binge-watch your favorite shows in complete privacy and with tons of style!

Happy decorating, folks!