KitchenWise: Your Handy Guide To The Perfect Kitchen Lights

Last updated on November 16th, 2021

If your kitchen isn’t blessed with a lot of natural light or happens to be small, how can you make it appear brighter and bigger? (Without having to spend a fortune.)
You didn’t think of lighting, did you? Well, you are not alone. Lighting is usually one of the most underexplored elements of design, that holds immense promise to transform a space beyond belief.

We reveal 4 ways you can put this amazing design element into great use and make your kitchen look like a million dollars! Read on for some truly bright ideas!

1. Use Recessed Lights in the false ceiling for ambient lighting

Recessed lighting can brighten up your kitchen instantly without being harsh on the eyes. It is important to space them out correctly and use them with the right kind of bulbs, for the lighting to not get overly bright or overwhelming. Recessed lights will wash your entire kitchen in a bright ambient light that’ll help you carry out various activities in the kitchen with ease. It’s a good idea to place recessed lights closer to the walls so that they bounce off the walls and give a softer ambiance to the whole space.

2. Create focus zones with Task Lighting

Task lighting can help light up areas of your kitchen where there is usually intense activity. Task lighting is usually over the hob, under the cabinets, or over the island, depending on your preference. Do make sure the switches to these are conveniently located.

3. Lend Character to your kitchen with Pendant Lights

If you have a big kitchen, then ambient and task lighting wouldn’t be enough to light up your entire kitchen sufficiently. That is where pendant lights come in. Even otherwise, you can use them as accents to beautify your kitchen and lend it a unique character, especially in the space over the breakfast counter or island. There’s a wide range of pendant lights available for you to choose from, whatever the style of your kitchen design is.

4. Highlight shadow areas with Profile Lighting

Although ambient lights open up a kitchen space and make it brighter, lining your cabinets and other such shadow areas with profile lights doesn’t just add to its aesthetic appeal, but makes the kitchen brighter still, by taking care of the shadows.