Everything You Always Wanted To Know About False-Ceilings (We Tell You The Cost Details Too!)

Last updated on September 7th, 2022

How does a false ceiling enhance the look of your house and why should you go for it? If this has been a question plaguing you of late, you’ve come to the right place!

A suspended ceiling is a major enhancement to a regular room ceiling. Suspended ceilings hide loose wires in the house and add visual value. Many find that suspended ceiling installations are much more energy-efficient and keep the room temperature somewhat normal. There are several suspended ceiling structures on the market today that we highly recommend you consider.

In this post, we have compiled information on the different types of false ceiling ideas and how they can transform the aesthetics of your home. Let’s look at some of the types of false ceilings:

1. Gypsum false ceiling design

This is one of the most common materials used for making simple suspended ceiling structures. It can be used on flat and smooth surfaces, and in the hallway and various other rooms.

Cost : Rs. 40 per sq ft to Rs. 150 per sq ft, depending upon the thickness of the gypsum board.

2. Wooden panels false ceiling design

Homeowners often use modified wood materials because the natural patterns and textures of wood are soothing to the eyes. Although wood is one of the most expensive materials, it proves its worth by giving highly pleasant aesthetics and an elegant appearance.

Cost: 350 per sq ft to 550 per sq ft depending upon the thickness of the material.

3. Fiber blanket false ceiling design

Fiber blankets are made by mixing various natural and synthetic materials. The product has the properties of stiffness, durability, and fire resistance. Therefore, it is the preferred type of material for commercial interiors.

Cost: 70 to 120 per sq ft.

4. Glass panel false ceiling design

Intermediate ceiling glass is an effective in-ceiling solution, where transparency is the desired feature. Its advantage over other materials is that its design elements such as color and pattern give it a beautiful appearance. That is why they can be used for giving an alluring design to false ceilings.

Cost: 400 to 600 per sq ft, depending upon the type of glass.

5. PVC false ceiling design

PVC is a plastic material used for making suspended ceilings. It is ideal for this purpose as it is a very cheap material. It is also commonly used in residences these days as it can be finished in various ways to enhance the design.

Cost: 50 to 70 per sq ft.

Hope you enjoyed reading that. Happy decorating, everyone!