Get Ready To Say Goodbye To These 7 Trends In 2023!

Last updated on December 9th, 2022

It’s no secret that home trends come and go. Just think about it – in the 90s, we were all about plaid, chokers, and scrunchies. In the 2000s, it was all about low-rise jeans and velour tracksuits. And now, in 2022, we’re seeing a resurgence of 90s trends like crocheted tops and mom jeans.

So what does that mean for the future of home trends? Well, we’re here to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2023! From an updated take on classic design trends to brand-new styles, get ready to say goodbye to these seven home trends.

Farmhouse Style

If you’re a fan of the farmhouse style, we have some bad news for you. This popular design trend is on its way out in 2023.

So what exactly is farmhouse style? It’s a rustic, country-chic look that often features distressed wood furniture, shiplap walls, and Mason jars. While it’s been a big trend in recent years, experts are predicting that it will be replaced by more modern styles in the new year.

All-White Kitchens

There’s no denying that all-white kitchens have been a major trend over the past few years. They’ve become so popular for their clean, crisp look that many homeowners choose to incorporate them into their homes.

However, it looks like this trend may be coming to an end in 2023. According to some experts, all-white kitchens may start to feel a bit dated and even bland in the new year. If you’re thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover, you may want to consider incorporating some other colors and patterns into the space.

Subway Tile

Subway tile never really went out of style, but it has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. This classic look is versatile and can be used in a variety of design styles. However, it seems that subway tile will be taking a backseat to other trends in 2023.

Shiplap Walls

If you’re one of those who have shiplap walls in your home, get ready to say goodbye to them in 2023. Shiplap walls have been around for a while, but it’s time to move on.

There are plenty of other ways to add texture and interest to your walls, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Paint is always an option, but wallpapers and even decals can give your walls a whole new look.

Grandmother-Inspired Style

The grandmother-inspired style was all the rage in the 2010s, with many opting for a more traditional aesthetic. However, 2023 is all about moving forward, and that means saying goodbye to this dated trend. Modern homeowners are favoring a more contemporary look, with clean lines and minimalistic design. So if you’re looking to update your home’s style this year, ditch the grandma vibes and go for something fresher and more modern.

All of the Arches

There’s no denying that 2022 was a year of significant changes. From how we work to how we socialize, many aspects of our lives have been turned upside down. And as we enter 2023, it’s time to say goodbye to some home trends that defined the past year.

We’ve seen arches everywhere in 2022, from doorways to windows to fireplace mantels. They’re a popular design element because they add a touch of elegance to any space. But we think they’ll be out of style in 2023. Perhaps it’s time for something simpler.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are one of those trends that we just can’t seem to get away from. And while we’re not complaining – we love a good mix of metals! – it’s time to say goodbye to this trend in 2023.

We’re predicting that in 2023, people will gravitate toward more simplistic designs with fewer mixed metals. So, if you’re planning to refresh your home in the new year, stick to one metal finish for a cleaner look.


It’s always interesting to see which home trends come and go each year. Some stay around for a while and become classics, while others only last a few seasons before they’re replaced by something new. If you’re curious about what trends will be out in 2023, head over to Homebliss to binge-read more such decor blogs.