13 Practical Design Tips For Small Indian Kitchens

Last updated on April 17th, 2022

Who wouldn’t love a spanking new kitchen-space with a large island and copious cabinet space? But in reality, most of us have to contend with spaces that are way smaller and more than a tad dull.

How can we make this small space function perfectly well while looking eye-catching beautiful?

Here are 13 ideas to help you live the dream!

1. Use Contrasting Colors

Remember to use contrasting colors when creating your kitchen in a small space. It will make the kitchen look roomy.

2. Invest In Attractive Flooring

Not many of us give it much thought, but when one walks into a room, the first thing the eye catches is the flooring. Make yours worth looking at, by investing in an elegant material and design. And since the square footage isn’t much, it won’t be as expensive as you think it is!

3. Expand The Space Visually With Lighting

A small kitchen needs both task and ambient lighting to look expansive. Consider installing pendant lights in the eating area, lighting under the upper and base cabinets, for a truly sleek and modern appearance.

4. Choose Dark Cabinets

Yet another easy way to make your small kitchen look inviting, spacious and contemporary, all at the same time, is to use dark cabinetry and countertops.

5. Consider An All-White Kitchen

If you want a stunningly modern-looking kitchen and don’t mind a little bit of extra cleaning duty, then all-white cabinets and counters can be your best bet as well.

6. Break It Up With Open Shelves

One of the most important aspects of good kitchen design is adequate storage. But sometimes creating too much storage space can leave you feeling boxed-in. A good way to counter this is to break it up a bit with open shelving. If you aren’t a very organized person and find the idea of open shelves a tad worrisome, consider having translucent glass shutters on some of the cabinets.

7. Get In-built Appliances

The best way to keep all your kitchen appliances handy and organized, is to have them in an in-built unit. And the smaller your kitchen space is, the more important this becomes. It is a one-time expense, and well worth it.

8. Incorporate Glass

Using glass is one of the best ways to expand a space. Whether it’s a glass countertop, tiles or cabinet shutters that you use, they will all work towards lightening up the look of your kitchen. Not to mention adding tons of luxury!

9. A U-shaped Layout

If you like lots of countertop space, then a u-shaped kitchen layout will work well for you. This layout won’t just give you the added countertop space, but also plenty of under-the-counter space for storage.

10. A Parallel Layout

If you’re looking to create a kitchen in a narrow space, a parallel layout might work best for you. With cabinets and countertops running on opposite walls, there’s plenty of walking space created in the middle, keeping things looking organized and tidy.

11. An L-shaped Layout

L-shaped layouts can also be great for small kitchen spaces. They can put to use the dead corners and make the space appear elongated as both counters are attached to the walls.

12. Mix Up Materials To Create Interest

Just because you have a tiny kitchen devoid of architectural details, don’t lose heart. You can add style to it with compelling elements that you choose to use in it – whether it’s stunning cabinetry, unique flooring, or richly layered lighting. The trick is to mix them up with what sparks joy in you while keeping a unified look.

13. Give The Color Palette Some Serious Thought

Think about the colors you want to see in your kitchen. The walls, counters, and even the dishtowels – all of these can change the look and perceived space in your kitchen. Light colors and plenty of whites will make ceilings look higher. A dash of bold colors here and there can also give your kitchen a stunning appearance. Whatever colors you choose, be consistent with them throughout your kitchen space.

Happy decorating, everyone!