How To Create A Zen Bathroom

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022

When we think Zen, we think of a serene, meditative, and balanced environment that lets us calm our minds and bodies. And the bathroom is an ideal place for a Zen-inspired style, particularly if you enjoy taking long and relaxing showers.

Zen Bathroom

The bathroom is a space in a home that is used every day and the Japanese have re-imagined this room’s functionality from a mere utilitarian space to a room where peace and serenity prevail. And there’s no denying that Zen bathrooms are lovely, inviting, and certainly relaxing. So what, if you cannot go to a spa every day, you can create one in your home, rather in your bathroom – with these 5 simple ways:

1. Recreate Japanese Style

Zen Bathroom

Since Zen is so quintessentially Japanese, a bathroom brimming with Japanese curios and design brings out the best of Zen approach. To infuse this decor style, start by introducing a shoji screen, either as a closet door or as the section entryway. And rather than a full-length bath, introduce a conventional Japanese one, which is square and deep.

2. Stay away from Regularity

Zen Bathroom

One of the most famous principles of Zen decor is Shibui, which means bringing out the best of nature by staying simple, irregular, and organic. Make use of tiles, stone, or decorative texturing on the walls to create a Zen-inspired bathroom. Zen bathrooms feature the use of natural components in their design – including woven rugs, rocks and pebbles, and a considerable measure of wood and natural light. Ensure that the bathroom gets as much natural light as possible. Incorporate electric lighting in several spots, in a way that it complements the décor while standing out as an element in its own right.

3. Let Nature Be Your Muse

Zen Bathroom

The sole purpose of Zen is to calm the mind and direct it to nature. A window is the easiest way to induce nature into the bathroom, particularly if it has a garden view or any other natural view like the woods or a mountain. If your bathroom doesn’t have a view, get nature inside. Choose indoor plants like bamboo and bonsai to strengthen the Japanese look. It’s also a great idea to display some beautifully arranged seasonal flowers in a vase.

4. Embrace Minimalism

Zen Bathroom

When embracing the Zen style, always remember that less really is more! Stay away from too much ornamentation and clutter. This can be done by including a bathroom vanity with adequate cabinet and storage space that can hold all bathroom essentials.

5. Select Nature-Inspired Hues

Zen Bathroom

All Zen bathrooms must feature a color palette that is inspired by nature. Mother earth offers the best inspiration for colors. In case you are ever at a loss as to which hues to bring together, let nature be your inspiration. Other widely used Zen colors are sand, taupe, gray, green, and black. Also, find a balance between light and dark colors to bring out the best of Zen.

Happy decorating, folks!