Scandinavian Dining Room Design Inspirations

Last updated on November 24th, 2021

Scandinavian décor typically embraces old trends with the new, creating an interesting look. One can see plenty of use of distressed furniture to create a shabby chic look. It gives one a feeling of charm and comfort at the same time.

Scroll down to get an insight into Scandinavian dining rooms and see if you can use some of these concepts in your dining room.

The Scandinavian design reflects the tastes and personalities of the homeowners giving it a unique character. The overall look in a Scandinavian home would appear quite eclectic for the Scandinavian love for mixing the new with the old and the elegant with the rustic.

In this, they aren’t very different from the Bohemians, except for the choice of colors, as Scandinavians prefer subtle and lighter palettes.

The color palette used in Scandinavian homes comprises whites, greys, off-whites, and other subtle shades of nature that give the interiors an expansive look and feel.

But they also like to break the monotony with colorful accents bringing with them pops of color.

Their maximum use of white and off-white on the walls makes the interiors look spacious and soothing to the eyes. 

The careful placement of artwork on the white walls makes for interesting décor. 

Sometimes this artwork is replaced with a patterned wall to garner attention.

The flooring is mostly wooden, sometimes covered with carpets and rugs.

So, are you ready to recreate this Scandinavian magic in your dining room?