Handle Without Care: Everything You Need To Know About Handle-less Kitchens

Last updated on August 12th, 2021

Kitchens in India have seen a stunning transformation in the last decade. First there were basic, room-like kitchens. Then as the world grew into a global village, came modular kitchens which started becoming more and more open until they began sharing the aesthetic with the rest of the house. Even these began getting sleeker and more versatile with concealed and compact appliances and accessories. And now, the international trend (fast catching on in India) is seeing a move towards a seamless kitchen, one devoid of handles in cabinets and drawers.

Wondering how it’s possible? You would need handles to operate drawers and cabinets, won’t you? Fact is, you don’t. Read on to know more.

What are handle-less kitchens?

For those of us who haven’t yet heard of this world-wide trend in kitchens, handle-less kitchens, as their name suggests don’t have handles on their doors and cabinets. They either use a spring mechanism in their push-to-open shutters and drawers, or use the latest European mechanism called Gola profile handles which are concealed handles attached to the carcass of the cabinets and drawers, giving the whole kitchen a seamless look – one with no handles visible.

Should you consider going handle-less?

The idea of kitchens with concealed profile handles, seems like a win-win in all aspects. Not only do these kitchens look jaw-droppingly good and happen to be the ‘in’ trend, they don’t compromise on functionality in any way. In fact, they are easier to clean than regular kitchens. And then there’s the all-important consideration – the cost of going seamless. There practically isn’t any additional cost involved, and these concealed profile handles cost as much as slimline handles would. What’s more, chances of anyone (especially kids) getting hurt while operating these drawers and cabinets are far lesser when compared to ones with handles protruding out of them.