Small Kitchen Organization: 5 Best Storage Solutions for your Tiny Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen to work with, then you must know the daily struggle that keeping it organized can be! You don’t just need space for your everyday prepping and cooking, but also to stow away all the appliances and gadgets that you need. Not to mention the mess you’re left with, to clear away once all the cooking’s done!

Here are a few ways that’ll help you keep the heart of your home not just convenient to work in, but also pleasant to look at! Top of Form

1.  The key to keeping your small kitchen organized, is to plan your work area as per the 3 major activities you use the kitchen for:

  • Pantry (to store food and kitchen essentials in)
  • HOB (for the Cooking)
  • Sink (to wash things in)

2.  And here’s a little-known secret! If you have a small kitchen, use open space to hang your pots, pans and spatulas. This will help create an illusion of space and since everything is out in the open, you’ll naturally be inclined to keep it organized and tidy!

3. Keep your trash bins in the cabinet below the kitchen sink and save precious floor space. And keeping them inside the cabinet will keep any smells and pesky fruit flies at bay!

4. Rods don’t just belong in the bathroom! Simply put them up against your kitchen backsplash and hang all your mugs and other essential knick-knacks! You can thank us later for all the cabinet and drawer space you find free all of a sudden!

5.  And last but not the least, keep everything you need handy with magnetic spice jars. They won’t just do the job, but can give your kitchen such an uber-chic appearance. And never again will you find yourself hunting for a spice and turning cabinets upside down, while something simmers angrily on the stove!