HomeLane’s Idea Book: Trending Single-Toned L-Shaped Kitchens

Last updated on July 13th, 2022

Stylish, functional and space-saving, L-shaped kitchens can be adapted to just about any style or size of kitchen. The basic L-shaped kitchen has two legs meeting at a corner, with one side usually longer than the other. With this layout, workflows are practical and ergonomic, making this a very popular option among discerning home owners. Depending on the space available, some L-shaped kitchens are fitted with an additional island —either a free-standing island, or a peninsular one—that works as a breakfast table.

Looking for ideas? Whether your style is modern or classic, here are some single-toned kitchen ideas out of the HomeLane archives that you can use for décor inspiration!

Old-World Charm

Straight out of an 80s home, this classic kitchen features gracefully arched teak wood shutters with trellis work and patterned opaque glass. Custom ceramic tiles in a charming diamond-patterned print make up the backsplash, with a scaled-up version of the same tile on the floor.

Elegance in Blue

If shades of blue are what get you going, this matte contemporary kitchen in Queen blue is sure to take your breath away! Laminated shutters framed in aluminium, interspersed in between the upper and lower row of cabinetry, add a touch of contrast and create interest. The white walls blend in perfectly with the blue.

Rustic Style

There’s so much happening in this vintage rustic kitchen, that’s all about mellow wooden accents and whitewashed walls! Rustic white cabinetry pairs beautifully well with the wooden countertop in this kitchen, with the mishmash of hanging cups and ladles adding a quaint, homely feel. We absolutely adore the old-fashioned wooden beams and columns that frame this enchanting farmhouse vignette.

All in Wood

Here’s a lovely, spacious kitchen that makes the most of light-coloured wood for an airy, open feel. Two rows of upper cabinets on the longer side create ample storage space. Pretty beige tiles, the l-shaped breakfast spot and the adjutant island add visual and functional interest.

Showstopper in Red

This bold red kitchen packs a punch, with sleek, high-gloss red cabinets in PU paint stealing the limelight against delicately patterned walls. Note how the corner cabinets take a curve instead of an angle, making it easier to access those awkward hard-to-reach spaces.

Farmhouse Kitchen

A gorgeous brick wall adds all the colour that this farmhouse kitchen needs! Shaker-style white cabinets run the length of two walls, except at the corner where there’s a space for a potted palm—an interesting deviation from a traditional L-shaped kitchen! Floating shelves take the place of upper cabinetry, allowing the burnt brick wall to take centre stage.

Mellow Yellow

Does your kitchen need a pick-me-up? Opt for vibrant, sunny yellow, like this home owner has done! Solid yellow cabinets and a yellow counter add a dash of cheer to this Scandinavian-style minimalistic loft home, and go beautifully well with the two-tone white and yellow palette.

Sensuous in Black

Here’s a luxe kitchen that’s high on glamour and decadent style! Glossy panelled shutters in inky black are paired with a silky black marble backsplash and a stunning chimney in burnished copper. The countertop is copper-coloured granite, while the loft lightens the look with glass shutters that have slender black frames.

Graceful in White

When in doubt, always opt for white—you can be sure it will never go out of style! This all-white kitchen features a tall pantry at one end and the sink at the other, forming a slightly skewed but perfectly functional kitchen work triangle. Glass panels on the upper cabinets add a touch of lightness.

Earthy Brown

Less is indeed more when it comes to simple, stylish kitchens! Textured Wenge wood and a beige backsplash add an earthy touch to this cost-effective kitchen design that fits neatly into a compact footprint. A door to one side and the window in between flood the kitchen with plenty of light.

Gorgeous in Grey

Whatever may be the size of your kitchen, an L-shaped layout offers functionality and ease of use. Here, grey cabinets make for an elegant contemporary kitchen, taking up all the space on one side and offering plenty of storage, while the other side can be used as a bar or breakfast spot.

Cool Aqua

Love colour-blocked kitchens? Pale aqua cabinets in transitional style make for this delightfully practical, pretty-as-a-picture design. There’s enough space to add a small breakfast island; the perfect spot to gobble down hot buttermilk pancakes right off the griddle!

White Against Red

Sleek white cabinets are showcased to perfection against a deep red wall, in this pint-sized kitchen that fits neatly into a corner of a compact apartment. This design can teach us a lesson in minimalism—it holds only what is needed and no more, and everything is easily accessed and efficiently put away.

Modern Minimalism

As minimal as they come, this L-shaped kitchen shuns handles and panels for an ultra-sleek look. Floor-to-ceiling storage on one side has cooking appliances inset, and the push-to-open shutters make for a completely seamless aesthetic. A narrow upper level of cabinets on the second side balances the look and houses appliances and kitchenware that need to be accessed often.

If single-tone, L-shaped kitchens are what you’re looking for, then head on down to the nearest HomeLane Experience Centre! We’ve got plenty more ideas to inspire and motivate you, and we can’t wait to get started on your dream kitchen!