G-shaped Kitchens: How Good Are They?

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

What is a G-shaped kitchen?

Wondering what a G-shaped kitchen is? Read on to know more!

A G-shaped kitchen is an extension of the U-shaped kitchen layout and has an extended arm called the ‘peninsula’ on one end of the ‘U’. To picture it, just imagine the shape of the letter G.
The peninsula provides plenty of extra storage and counter space to the kitchen, and privacy, without closing off the kitchen from the rest of the household.

The Great Things About it

1. The G-shaped layout is one of the best kitchen layouts with a great design that allows you to have everything that a good kitchen needs – large counter space, enough and more storage space, ease of movement, and connectivity to the living/dining spaces.

2. This layout gives you more counter space than even a U-shaped kitchen layout, making it super easy for more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time.
3. The three walls give you enough space to build plenty of cabinets to stow away your kitchen essentials and appliances.
4. It also gives you plenty of under-the-counter space for appliances and cabinets.
5. The peninsula gives you the option of creating a breakfast bar.
6. With a G-shaped kitchen, you have the option of having an open or closed kitchen. You can decide to raise a wall on the extended arm of the kitchen to get more privacy or leave it open and stay connected with the living and dining spaces.

The Not-So-Great Things About It

1. A G-shaped layout is a complicated layout that needs a lot of careful thought and planning – about where to install the sink, where the stovetop goes, etc. Improper planning can leave things inconvenient. If you like to keep things simple, the design aspect of this layout might leave you overwhelmed.
2. The G-shaped layout does give you a lot of room for storage, but if you live on your own, it might be too much space to deal with and you might do better with a simpler design.
3. The corner cabinets in the G-shaped layout can become hard-to-reach if you don’t use the right (and slightly expensive) corner accessories.
4. Another downside to a G-shaped kitchen is that it limits access to the main kitchen area and can make the kitchen feel a bit cramped. Also, having so much storage all-around can make the kitchen appear smaller than it is.
5. If your kitchen is very large, the appliances might be too spread-out for easy use.
6. If you have a breakfast nook on the peninsula, people around it might get in the way of the cook.

Is It A Good Fit For Your House Then?

If you are someone who likes to put every square inch of space to its best possible use, then the G-shaped kitchen is perfect for you. This type of kitchen is also great if you’ve always wanted a kitchen island and don’t have space for it.
It is ideal for small homes and apartments allowing for easy movement and enough room for different workstations like a baking nook or a breakfast counter. Just make sure you don’t keep the peninsula too long (more than 4 ft.), causing a restriction in movement.

So, what do you think? Need a peninsula kitchen in your home?

Have fun planning and designing your dreamscape!