Idea-book Spotlight: Trending Two-Toned Parallel Kitchens

Last updated on November 15th, 2023

Parallel kitchens, also called galley kitchens, have for long been the preferred layout for kitchens with a compact footprint. These kitchens offer the most optimal layout, with plenty of countertop space and easy access to everything. There are no awkward corners, and every bit of storage space can be utilised to its fullest.

Parallel kitchens that are fitted with two-tone cabinets are very popular with home owners, as they are not only super functional, but look gorgeous, too! Here are some pages out of HomeLane’s idea book—get ready to pick your favourites, and recreate them in your own home!

Golden Yellow + Cream

When you’re in need of a pick-me-up, yellow is the colour you should turn to! Yellow zest is toned down with cream silk in this delicious two-toned parallel kitchen, that gives off summery vibes all through the year.

Ash + White

A kitchen that’s half wood and half white makes for a lovely pairing, as we can see in this light-as-air parallel kitchen. Minimalistic cabinets in Scandinavian style never go out of style, and with its sleek, functional storage and ergonomic design, this design is a winner!

Olive Green + Light Wood

Parallel kitchens could feel cramped if they are enclosed. Open them up, like this homeowner has done, to create a spacious kitchen which has all the functional advantages of a galley layout! Here, olive green adds peppy colour to brighten up cabinets in light wood. Open shelves all around allow you to show off your collection of crockery.

Red + Black

A pairing that is as vibrant as it is daring, glossy red and black makes a stunning statement that never fails to please. Translucent lift-up shutters add transparency and lightness to this open-plan galley kitchen.

White + Wood

This tiny white kitchen is an exercise in minimalism, making the most of a very compact footprint. The white cedar walls and ceiling add a pretty contrast that frames and encases the kitchen space. We absolutely love the designer lighting globes above the petite breakfast counter.

Textured White + Glass

When your kitchen is on the smaller side, it’s always a good idea to opt for white or cream shutters, as they will open up the space and make it appear light and bright. Here, glass shutters above the counter add more visual depth and make your space look wider than it really is.

Yale Blue + Cream

Yale blue is used in the lower cabinetry and continues up the wall, adding verve and character to this otherwise simple white kitchen. On one side, the wall has been opened up to just above the height of the counter, making the small space feel less confining. This wall also helps to screen off a messy kitchen.

Wood + Black

Matte black cabinets and a loft frame this gorgeous kitchen end-to-end, encasing cabinets in light wood. The adjacent island counter sports a marble wraparound countertop that makes clean-up a breeze.

Wood + Grey

The introduction of the wooden table adds rustic warmth to the cool grey cabinets in this open plan parallel kitchen. One half of the counter is set aside as a breakfast counter, with small stools that slide in below the counter when not in use. The window at the far end of the galley lets in plenty of fresh air and light.

Teal Blue + Oak Wood

Refreshing and cool, teal blue makes a pretty pairing with light wood in this open plan parallel kitchen. Additional storage is inset into the far wall, and the placement of the hob, chimney and sink form a perfect work triangle. Broad horizontal panels run through all the cabinets, adding an interesting design element.

Beige + Grey

This kitchen juxtaposes solid and void spaces, and cleverly mixes beige against grey cabinets for a simple and clean aesthetic. The spacious layout does away with the misconception that parallel kitchens must, necessarily, be used only in tiny spaces! Most of the appliances are housed on one wall, leaving the second counter free for use as a breakfast corner.

Wenge Wood + White Marble

Rich, gorgeous grains of Wenge wood are beautifully contrasted against the lustrous sheen of pearly white marble in this modern kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximise space, while the handle-less, push-to-open shutters minimise clutter.

Design Tips for Colour Pairings

  • Pairing colours on the opposite end of the spectrum leads to high contrast, while shades that are close together on the spectrum create harmony.
  • Light colours with glossy finishes tend to make a space look much bigger than it is, and vice versa.
  • Glass shutters will increase the perception of depth and make your spaces appear less constricted.
  • When the colour of the cabinet is repeated on the walls, your room will seem to be larger than it is.
  • Since the space between the two counters is limited in a parallel kitchen, you can match the tiles on the floor to the backsplash for a cohesive look.
  • For best effect, darker colours usually go in the lower cabinets, while lighter shades or glass can be used on upper cabinets.

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