No Pantry In The Kitchen? Here’s What You Can Do

Last updated on May 1st, 2023

With exotic flavors titillating our tastebuds, it’s hard to resist tossing sauces, spices, and herbs into our shopping cart. More often than not, we are saddled with ingredients we may use sometime in the future. And that’s the crux of the problem. Without a pantry, storing these ingredients can get challenging.

Sure, you can stuff the cans and jars in every possible place in frustration. Or, you can check out these neat ideas for storage. Let us redefine the term pantry with these interesting and quirky storage ideas.

Go Vertical

Narrow vertical cabinets, with or without shutters, are the perfect pantry. This tall cabinet will proudly house all your paraphernalia with ease. What’s more, as you don’t need much depth, you will find room in your kitchen for this tiny pantry. Racks in the shutter will take care of small herb bottles. For jars and grains, you can use the shelves inside. This handy pantry is sure to bring cheer to your kitchen!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are easy to install. What’s more, they allow you to play around with your display of ingredients and add oomph to your décor. You can store your herbs in wicker baskets or fancy metal containers and add some plants to the mix. Or you can go for transparent jars for a classy look.

Make sure to designate a section of the kitchen for your collection to add dimension. The best part? With the spices frowning down at you, you will find the inspiration to cook!

Amp Your Look with Matching Containers

A variety of jars and packets in different sizes and colors can put a damper on the mood. To get your look right, we suggest a set of matching jars to give your kitchen a classy look. Not only do these jars add charm, but are also practical, as you can see what’s inside.

A great way to add to the effect is by applying a coat of paint to your little “pantry” to define the space. And hey, find room to house your recipe books and potted plants to add an exciting element.

A Quirky Style Statement

When you let your imagination soar, it’s amazing what ideas you can come up with. These quirky storage ideas are not only gorgeous to look at but practical too. What’s more, you don’t need much space for them. A few wicker baskets strung up on the wall will house your spices and herbs.

The markets are flooding with amazing storage cans that look great and come in handy for your supplies. And if you want to add an interesting twist, install a colorful cabinet on your wall with quaint drawers for your stuff. On the downside, this little wonder will encourage you to buy more products!

Handy Overhead Cabinets

Overhead cabinets can be an ideal option for storage. What’s more, even if your cabinets are not within easy reach, you need not worry as these are not everyday-use items. To add a beautiful element to your décor, try glass doors to display your collection. If you think you can’t maintain a spotless, stylish display, you can try translucent or Venetian glass shutters.

Try Pull-out Drawers

Pull-out drawers are a convenient way to store your extras. What’s more, you can section off areas for the Indian, Thai, or Chinese ingredients for quick excess. This easy-peasy storage idea is one of our favorites. The best part is that you can use the bottom section for tall bottles such as olive oil or red wine vinegar.

Last Words

No matter how you store your extras, when they are organized in a specific area, it makes your cooking a lot easier. Depending on the size and style of your kitchen, you can go for what suits you best.

Sometimes all it takes is a professional eye to get it right. And if you feel the need for an opinion, you can reach out to us. For more ideas on kitchen storage and home décor, visit us at