7 Ways To Use LED Strip Lights In Your Home Decor

Last updated on June 28th, 2022

Lighting is like the strings of a violin. Without it, your home decor isn’t going to find the rhythm to make your design elements sing in tune. Lighting can be in the form of functional tube lights, bulbs, or fancy chandeliers. And yes, they do a good job of providing the necessary illumination.

However, if you want to take your design quotient up a notch, you have to let LED strip lights enhance your home decor, giving it a surreal feel. So what is LED strip lighting? And how do you incorporate this fascinating design component into your home decor? Let’s check it out.

How to use LED strip lights in your home decor

If you want to decorate your home with LED strip lights, you have to understand the basics first.

LED strip lights can easily be trimmed to fit areas of your home that you want to highlight. They can be used in various ways to illuminate the chosen area of your home. The aim is to grab the attention of the visitor with the iridescent beauty of these lights.

These lights don’t generate much heat and are perfectly safe in your home environment. As they don’t use a lot of energy, you don’t have to worry about inflated electricity bills. So, how do ceiling LED strip lights work? Let’s take a look.

One – for the ceiling

LED strip lights work very well on recessed false ceilings. You can follow the line of your false design, or you can let it snake around the periphery of your room to define the area.

Ceiling Led Strip Lights can be used creatively to give your room funky decor. You can play with colours or let the LED strip light meander on the ceiling creating snazzy patterns. A great way to bring a smile to your teenager’s face!

Two – your closet shelves

Led Strip Lights For Homes are in trend. These versatile lights can take any shape and are perfect for highlighting closet shelves. Searching for your favourite black dress was never this interesting! The best part? Organising your wardrobe is a cinch!

Three – light up your staircase

Staircases often lack character and serve a functional purpose only. Well, with LED strip lights your staircase may well be the focal point of your foyer!

There are many ways in which you can light up your magnificent staircase. You can let the strip lighting run along the bannister. Or you can let the lights run down the walls like a waterfall. The choice is yours. One thing’s for sure. Your staircase never looked better!

Four – under the kitchen cabinets

LED strip lights are an excellent lighting solution for the kitchen. Countertops are work areas that need optimal lighting to tackle jobs that require tools such as sharp knives. When placed under the bottom of the top kitchen cabinets, the flood of light makes your tasks easier. And yes, it gives your kitchen decor that extra edge!

Five – define your bed

For a surreal glow that oozes romance, these lights are perfect for your bedroom. Let the LED strip lights frame the bottom of your bed, making it your stand-out feature. You can also let these lights hug the skirting for emphasis. Or you can use them on your ceiling for a beautiful ambience.

Led Strip Light For TV cabinets and wall units are a great way to define your focal wall.

Six – bathroom vanity

To define your gorgeous bathroom vanity, LED strip lights are the way to go. These lights can frame your mirror or emphasise the cabinetry. You can play it any way you want, the floor is open.

Seven – on your cornice

A great cornice can change the look of your room. And when you add LED strip lights to the mix, you have a gorgeously elegant room bathed in the glow of these lights. Exuberant!

The verdict

These amazing lights are a great addition to your home decor. The best part is, you can play with a variety of colours and visual effects to get the look you need.

Happy decorating, folks!