Modular Kitchen Accessories: Which Ones Does Your Kitchen Need?

Last updated on November 10th, 2021

A well-designed kitchen isn’t just one that looks beautiful and organized. It is also one that puts every square inch to good use. And one of the constant needs in a kitchen is storage space.

This is why we are going to talk about a few must-have space-saving accessories that’ll help you optimize storage in the available space. From corner units to bottle racks here are 8 storage options that’ll help you make your modular kitchen work harder for you!

1. Multipurpose open shelves

Open shelves can provide a lot of storage space while making items you store inside them easy to reach for, as you cook. You can use these shelves to display curios, beautiful crockery, and plates, adding to the aesthetics of the space. Also, since these shelves are open, you’ll be forced to keep them organized and clutter-free!

2. Asian-style pull-out cabinets

Time to think beyond traditional cupboard-style cabinets and fit your new modular kitchen with slick, Asian-style wooden pull-out cabinets. They aren’t just smooth to pull out and convenient to use but will give your kitchen an uber-plush appeal.

3. Cutlery trays

No more hunting for knives, forks, and spoons by reaching into the corners of a cluttered cutlery drawer. Fix cutlery inserts into your drawers and turn chaos into order. And what’s more, the cutlery trays available today come with movable dividers that help you change the size of the compartments as per your need.

4. A crockery rack

Storing your dishes and bowls in a deep drawer with cross partitions and dividers, built especially to store crockery will make sure your plates stay put and your stacks of bowls don’t rattle, every time you push the drawer closed or attempt to pull it open.

5. A pull-out pantry

A pull-out pantry can cut down a lot of time you spend in the kitchen hunting for things at the last minute. It magically makes everything in your pantry easier to access and more organized. A must-have in every modular kitchen, if you ask us!

6. Bottle racks

Save narrow spaces from getting wasted by installing pullout bottle racks that can be used to squeeze in all the bottles of oils, ketchup, jams, jellies, pickles, etc. What’s great about these racks is that they can be installed in spaces that are as tiny as 6 inches in width.

7. Corner units

Corner spaces often get very little work to do, since they are usually hard to reach. A carousel can make good use of this space by allowing you several levels of storage in that dead storage space you would otherwise not be able to find much use for.

8. Below-the-sink storage unit

The space below the sink is usually one of the most disorganized and cluttered ones in the entire kitchen. But with the right accessories, you can change that and keep all your cleaning supplies organized and easy to find. Install a neat pull-out drawer with separate removable bins for dry and wet waste and a separate compartmentalized space next to it for all the cleaning supplies.