How To Choose The Right Bathroom Lighting

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is of utmost importance in a bathroom. Gone are the days when the bathroom used to be just a utilitarian space with a single overhead ceiling light fixture. Today’s modern bathroom serves multiple purposes – from being a completely functional space to a place to rest, relax and recharge, all in a day’s time. Hence, it makes sense to have thoughtful lighting in the bathroom. So, whether you are applying makeup or spending some ‘me-time’ in the shower, here are a few bathroom lighting tips that will help you finish your task with complete ease and comfort.

1. Consider using dimmers

If you are like most of us, then you probably have a single ceiling light in the bathroom. But have you ever given this some thought – who likes to wake up with bright lights shocking their eyes wide open? How about using dimmers in the bathroom that provide you control over the lighting in the room, ensuring an easy transition from sleep to waking up? You can lower the brightness when relaxing in the tub, or turn it up while applying makeup. What’s more, dimmers also help save energy.

2. Don’t forget to layer your lighting

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting needs to be as versatile as possible in order to support everything that we do in that space throughout the day. So, layer up your lights to enhance and beautify the space. Use three layers of lighting – overhead lighting like recessed can light in the ceiling, task lighting like a couple of wall sconces on both sides or over the mirror, and accent lighting like under-the-cabinet or vanity lights to highlight the architectural details of the bathroom.

3. Say no (a rather big one!) to halogen bulbs

While deciding on bathroom lighting, most of us get so concerned about the light fixture that we forget to pay attention to the types of bulbs we use. However, without the right light bulb, even the fanciest of fixtures will look blah!

For a better lighting experience in the bathroom, try to avoid using halogen bulbs as the light they emit is rather directional – so, if it’s pointed towards your face, you will see harsh shadows, and if it’s directed elsewhere, it’ll not throw any light on your face.

4. Add a piece of jewelry to the bathroom

A beautiful chandelier is like jewelry. It can add a finishing touch to your bathroom, set the perfect mood, gracing the area with its exquisite design.

Depending on the placement of the light, you may need the light to be waterproof (in case it is installed next to the shower area). While choosing the fixture material, avoid fabric or rattan shades as they encourage mold and mildew. Instead, opt for glass fixtures. Also, while selecting the fixture, ensure that you don’t pick any piece that would change the output color of the light, as you will want to have clear visibility in the bathroom.

5. Opt for coordinated finishes

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Lighting

It’s best to keep your light fixtures in the same color family to make an elegant impact in the bathroom. For instance, stainless steel, nickel, and chrome complement each other. And, warm metal tones like gold, brass, and bronze go well together.

Happe decorating, folks!