Modular Kitchen Or Normal Kitchen: Which One Is Better For You?

Last updated on May 26th, 2022

Modular kitchens have breathtaking beauty. Once you lay your eyes on the gorgeous fitted appliances and the cabinets of a modular kitchen, it’s difficult to come back home and take in your dreary normal kitchen. It’s enough to make you want to cry your heart out!

While you would like nothing better than to give your kitchen an overhaul, the steep price range of a modular kitchen makes you wonder whether it’s worth the effort. So, modular kitchen Vs normal kitchen. Which is it to be? Let’s find out.

What are modular kitchens?

Modular kitchens are factory-made modules that can be assembled easily in your home. They are easy to transport from the factory to your home and can be installed easily.

There are various combinations to choose from, including overhead storage cabinets, tall storage units, drawers, and built-in appliances. These modules are designed to fit any space or design, giving you your desired kitchen in weeks. These different units fit perfectly into any setting, be it U-shaped, L-shaped, or a parallel kitchen.

The upside of modular kitchens

These kitchens ooze functionality and make the best use of your space.

It’s easy to relocate with a modular kitchen as these cabinets can be reassembled in a different location.

You know exactly how much you will be paying.

Kitchen accessories such as cutlery organizers, bottle racks, and corner carousels, make it possible to have a clutter-free countertop.

Takes 4 to 6 weeks for a complete kitchen overhaul.

Great color and design options.

Can be replaced if damaged.

The downside of modular kitchens

The prices can be steep when compared to normal kitchens.

You can’t make changes once the formulation process starts.

Cabinets made from medium-density fibreboard are best avoided as there are chances of disintegration due to moisture.

How much does a modular kitchen cost?

The price of a modular kitchen varies, depending on the make and the layout. Broadly speaking a modular kitchen can cost:

For a parallel kitchen layout-Rs 1,200 – Rs 1,750 per sq ft

For an L-shaped modular design-Rs.3000-Rs.4000 per sq ft

For a straight kitchen layout-Rs.600-Rs.2250 per sq ft

What is a normal kitchen?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between modular kitchens and normal kitchens? Let’s find out more about normal kitchens.

A normal kitchen is constructed on-site by a crew of carpenters and masonry experts as per your requirements. The carpenter can add cornices and moldings to your cabinets as per your specifications. You can opt for a turnkey project from your contractor or get the work done on a labor basis.

The upside of normal kitchens

You can select your countertop material and shade and choose the material of your choice for the cabinetry.

It’s budget-friendly when compared to the modular version.

You can ask your contractor to make changes midway.

You are ensured of good quality materials as you are in control.

You can hire a designer to get the best out of your project for a classy kitchen decor.

The downside of normal kitchens

It all depends on how skilled your workers are. If they don’t have the required experience, your finished product will be substandard at best.

You have to put up with a lot of noise, dust, and inconvenience as the work will commence on site.

These cabinets are not easy to dismantle if you decide to relocate.

The work can take as long as eight weeks to complete.

A fixed price is not ensured as everything depends on the speed of the project and the choice of materials, which may vary midway.

On the plus side, you can incorporate a few modular kitchen cabinets in your normal kitchen quite easily.

Normal kitchens are not as functional as modular kitchens as they lack the finesse in design.

Normal kitchens are by and large durable. However, it depends on the materials and usage.

Last words

Aesthetic beauty is important. And the elegance of a modular kitchen is a class apart compared to a normal kitchen. The best part? You can add modules as and when you can afford them without spoiling the look of your kitchen.

Have fun designing your dream kitchen, folks!