Statement Bedroom? No Problem!

Last updated on July 16th, 2023

Sure, you have a grand old bedroom. The colors are pleasing, and the bed is comfortable. And yet, when you compare your decor with the multitude of images on popular design websites, you want to get under your quilt and have a good cry.

Hey, you don’t need to crack your knuckles in despair. We have your back. Once you check out these styling tips for your decor, you are good to go. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take the plunge and find out what makes statement bedrooms tick.

The headboard drama

The bed may be the focal point of your room. However, all your pretty duvets and throw cushions don’t stand a chance if you don’t have an imposing headboard. Quilted headboards are the most popular. However, you can go for plain, textured, or wood, depending on your decor. The height of your headboard will depend on the size of your bed and your room. A contrasting color on your padded upholstery will liven up your decor. Yes, now you can arrange your throw cushions and your duvet.

Carpets epitomize luxury

Carpets are the frosting on your cupcake. Your room decor is incomplete without them. Granted, carpets are something you don’t want under your feet on muggy summer days. But hey, you can opt for an area rug at the foot of your bed or on your bedside. What’s more, it need not be a woollen carpet. Cotton dhurries are great too.

Colors that pack a punch

All said and done, wall colors can make or mar your look. So, getting the right colors is vital. Soothing blues with white or brown never fail. For standout style statements, you will have to push the envelope. This means going for radically different shades such as maroon or navy. If this is hard for you to swallow, fear not. Sage Green works beautifully too. Other options are peach or grey.

Open storage

Open wardrobes give your bedroom decor an interesting twist. A rack of clothes is the ultimate style statement. Airy shelving units with lots of bars for your hangers look great too. What makes this more interesting is, you get the opportunity to showcase your books and artifacts on the shelves too.

Wicker baskets for your delicates and your knick-knacks are an excellent way to carry forward this amazing look. However, if you are a clutter bug, cease and desist. Hey, old habits die hard!

Make a statement with your bedding

Now that we have covered the importance of a great headboard, let’s examine the other elements on your bed. A sagging mattress isn’t going to work, neither for your decor or your back. Get a firm mattress for a neat and well-made bed. Duvets and bed linen can be in solid colors or you can add a whimsical touch with a bit of pattern. Make sure you use the colors on your palette. Use more than one color for an utterly charming look. Textures such as fluff, velvet or cotton on your cushions are other ways to add dimension.

Let the light in

If you are a regular on our website, you probably know all about lighting. There are the ambience lights in the form of recessed lights, the task lights such as your table lamp or the wall sconces on your vanity. And lastly, the accent lights to showcase your artwork. Make sure to pick interesting light fittings such as an elegant chandelier, a tripod floor lamp for your reading nook, and some interesting wall sconces for your mirror.

Embellish the decor with flowers, plants, and scented candles. Lastly, step back and admire your work.

Summing up

Details in home decor make all the difference. Everything you introduce to your space needs to add to the look, not destroy it. So, choose wisely. For tips on getting it right, there are umpteen blogs on decor on our website to guide you. And if these don’t inspire you, call us and we will give you a nudge. It’s, your go-to website for decor-related tips.