Tiny Kitchen, Big Flavors: Essentials For Your Compact Open Kitchen

Last updated on October 30th, 2023

Good things come in small packages. And your small open-plan kitchen need not hold its head in shame when you give it a few tweaks. Experts will tell you that these challenging projects are not only very satisfying but also produce great results once the essential changes have been made.

So, what tweaks does your tiny kitchen need? And how do you go about it? We will let our design experts guide you.

Expert Speak 1: A Kitchen Island

Storage can be a hassle in a tiny kitchen. You can go vertical, but that can only go so far. A kitchen island is a multi-function wonder space that not only separates your kitchen from the living area with aplomb but also gives a modicum of privacy and offers storage options too. What’s more, as your kitchen is open-plan, you can place it where you want. The best part? When you add chairs to the island, you don’t need a dining table!

Tip– A mobile island gives you the freedom to increase or decrease the size of your spaces as and when needed. Allow the skirting to almost touch the floor. The castors can be housed neatly underneath, hidden from view.

Expert Speak 2: Let the Lighting Demark the Zones

With proper lighting, it’s easy to separate the areas in your home. Even if your kitchen is open-plan, well-placed lighting can produce a unique vibe, that is completely different from the living area. This can be in the form of ambiance lighting, colored LEDs, or pendant lighting. A track light is also a wonderful way to differentiate the zones.

Dimmers are an asset in this scenario. When not in use, the dim lights in the kitchen will give the home a surreal look, adding to the ambiance of the living area. This is especially important when you are entertaining.

Expert Speak 3: Open Shelving Gives an Illusion of Space

When you have an open-plan kitchen, you want to make sure you have the aesthetics in place, as it will be visible from the living area. Open shelving not only gives the illusion of space because of the depth but also allows you to display your collectibles, be it recipe books, your earthenware or copperware. You don’t need to go the whole hog with this one. Just block a few areas with shutters for your pots and pans and let the shelves take over the rest of the space.

Tip-Hunt for sets of appealing jars to store your cereals and masalas. This will amp up the look of your kitchen.

Expert Speak 4: Think Storage

Storage is essential, no matter how big or small your family is. Make sure to take advantage of any and every space you can. This means letting the storage cabinets ride up to the ceiling. If you are short on space, think about adding a quaint cabinet in the living area for your extra stuff. Make sure the colors blend into each other for a cohesive look.

Expert Speak 5: Ventilation

Sputtering mustard seeds and Kashmiri chilies can create havoc at the best of times. Your bouts of sneezing may be alright when you are alone, but it won’t help when you have guests over. To put brakes on this mortifying situation, make sure you have an exhaust fan in place. A chimney would be ideal. When possible, keep the windows of your living room and kitchen open to dispel the aroma of the curry.

Summing Up

No matter the size of your space, with the right design guidance, you can work miracles. Not only will it be functional, but it will also be appealing too, once you get the colors and the lighting right. While this can be a hard act to follow through, it isn’t impossible once you go through the tips given by our designers. The next best thing? Talk to our experts at Homebliss.in. Log in today.