9 Smart Storage Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of a home. From cooking hearty meals to entertaining guests – your kitchen is a multi-functional space. But, what do you do, if you have a small kitchen with limited space? You make every inch work! Planning storage in a small kitchen might seem overwhelming at first. However, with the right storage tips and tricks, you can turn your kitchen from small and cramped to spacious and snazzy!

From adding shelving under the kitchen island countertop to carving out a storage spot around the kitchen entrance- we have scoured the internet to find you 9 of the most creative and ingenious kitchen storage ideas. What’s more, we will even help you find space in the kitchen, where you thought there was none!

1. Add Shelves Around the Kitchen Entrance

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Even the tiniest kitchens have a lot of storage possibilities. Make use of the kitchen door by carving out shelves around it. They can be the perfect place to house things like vases, cookbooks, and other rarely used knick-knacks. We love the storage here — and the way that it looks!

2. Windows as Storage

While thinking of kitchen storage, windows might be the last thing on your mind. However, we think that when dealing with a small kitchen, make every nook and cranny work. Make use of the kitchen window to keep pots and pans within your hand’s reach.

3. Add free-standing shelves

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

A quick and easy way to add storage in a small kitchen: Make use of a tight nook to install a freestanding metal shelf for added space to stack everything – from pots and pans to spices and small appliances. The metal shelf will add an industrial vibe to your kitchen.

4. Install Toe-kick Drawers

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

In case you have the chance to renovate your kitchen completely, we say you consider including toe-kick drawers, regardless of how small your space is. They’re an incredible way to change an unused spot into a cabinet sufficiently thin to hold thin pots, pantry items, and more.

5. Make Use of the Space Under the Cabinet

Just when you thought your cupboards are absolutely full and they can’t in any way, hold anything else, think about the undersides of them! You can add hooks to the bottoms to hold mugs or install a magnetic strip to keep your spice jars sorted.

6. Take Cabinets to the Ceiling

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes to vertical storage, the kitchen stands to reap the most benefit. Take cabinetry up to the ceiling, however, be careful about what you stow where. Store what you utilize regularly within your arm’s reach. Hold the most elevated cupboards for occasionally used things.

7. Choose an Island with Storage

Don’t let the small kitchen take a toll on your cooking time! Instead of the usual kitchen island, opt for one with storage. For instance, in the picture above, from the front, the kitchen island looks quite average. However, the back of the island is loaded with shelves, providing extra storage to keep cookbooks and other kitchen essentials sorted.

8. Make Use of the Space Around Your Refrigerator

If you have space in between the refrigerator and the wall, then install a slim rolling pantry in that area. This hidden rolling pantry is the perfect hide-away solution for a small kitchen.

9. Use the Kitchen Corners

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Corner space is typically underutilized in most of the homes. Be that as it may, when you’re trying to make every square inch in your small kitchen work, corner shelves can give these clumsy spots a dedicated task.