Kitchen Storage Just Got Super-Smart: 7 Vertical Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Last updated on July 5th, 2022

Waking up to a cluttered and unorganized kitchen can be a turnoff. But it happens to be one of the most common problems with small kitchens. A hundred things to store and limited space can make any homeowner feel helpless. Do you face this issue in your kitchen too?

If yes, you have reached the right page. We can help you with some amazing vertical storage ideas that will make your kitchen look spacious and airy. Apart from amping up the aesthetics, these hacks will make your kitchen more functional.

Use hooks

Kitchen items that occupy extra shelf or counter space and do not stack up well can be hung on hooks. Think pans, pots, ladles, cups, bags, cutlery, and even kitchen décor items for this. The best part is you can put hooks anywhere like, cabinets, windows, walls. It is a great way to clear up space in cabinets and counters where bulky utensils can go.

Build everything in

Another fabulous way to make your tiny kitchen super smart is by building everything in. You can consider a water dispenser, coffee maker, and microwave oven for this process. It will make your kitchen look chic, well-organized, and less bulky.

Plan a Walk-in Pantry

Do you have a small store section in your kitchen that you feel is underutilized? Great, it can take away all your storage woes. You can create a small walk-in pantry that will stock all your kitchen essentials.

Install expansive racks and shelves that can handle all your supplies effectively. This simple hack can offer ample space in your kitchen area.

Pantry on wheels

How about having a storage cart on wheels? Seems to be a creative idea, right? See, we understand that a small kitchen cannot accommodate a pantry. But it does not mean that you cannot have one.
You can have a durable storage cart on wheels to hold your bottles, oils, and canned goods. It will act as a great storage unit that can be wheeled in and out as per your needs. It leaves you with ample space in your kitchen shelves and cabinets.

Put it all on display

Display all your exquisite and exclusive cutlery, and tuck the bulky ones in the cabinet. It is a great way to utilize vertical space and make your kitchen look neat at the same time. You can also install glass shelves and a glass cabinet cover to protect them from dust and dirt. Go one step further and highlight this section with recessed lights and leave your guests impressed every time they walk into your kitchen.

Mount a double-duty shelf

Double-duty shelves are great for using the vertical space of a small kitchen. They are versatile and can hold all your kitchen essentials effectively. Keep the seasonal platters and dishes on the top shelves, and use the lower shelves to store spice jars and daily routine items. Interior designers also recommend adding double-duty shelves in the inner part of storage cabinets.

Use over-the-window space

Remember, every little inch in your small kitchen matters a lot when it comes to storage. You won’t believe how a simple shelf over a window can make your kitchen look organized and fuss-free.
If the space allows, you can also play with aesthetics by growing some herbs in colorful vases in between.

That’s a wrap!

Using vertical space can make your kitchen look lavish and classy. But there is a catch. Be wise with color combinations and accessories selection. You see, creating space out of nowhere is an art. Therefore, we recommend using your creativity and visiting Homebliss to get more storage ideas for your kitchen!

Happy decorating, everyone!