Kitchen Cleanse: 7 Culinary Contrabands You Should Banish from Your Cooking Space

Last updated on August 17th, 2023

The kitchen is a gadget magnet. Every innovation in the market seems to find its way into our homes. When you add quirky mugs, exciting dinnerware, and other household paraphernalia to this murky cauldron, cooking can turn into a frustrating experience.

And frankly, in our quest to amp up the look of our kitchen, we go overboard with our displays. So, how much is too much? Let us answer some of these tricky questions.

1. Does Décor Trump Functionality?

We think not. Sure, the spice rack and the knife block add appeal to the décor, as do the artfully arranged cookie jars. However, these fun elements can hinder the cooking process and even increase your workload, as you will need to clean the gravy splatter off your fun items. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Inject personality into your décor with gorgeous color schemes and funky artwork on the walls.

  • Floating shelves allow you to exercise your creative urge without disturbing the cooking space.

2. What about Your Exclusive Crockery Collection?

Delicate crystalware and bone china take up a lot of room and need to be handled with care. When you are amid a cooking frenzy, these items can put a spanner in the works, slowing you down. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Amp up your living room décor by displaying your exclusive collection in glass cabinets for a country décor vibe.

3. Are Your Cleaning Supplies Ruling the Roost?

With different cleaning solutions for every task, things can get out of hand. The result? A hoard of bottles you don’t know what to do with in your kitchen cabinets. And hey! Do you seriously want these hazardous chemicals hobnobbing with your food items? Your options:

We suggest:

  • Keep your cleaning products in a caddy. Handy and safe, too.

  • The broom closet or your laundry room are great storage options.

4. Are You Using All Your Appliances?

Quirky chopping tools, air fryers, or potato slicers seem like a good idea until they aren’t. The result? These so-called handy tools sit at the back of your cabinet, collecting dust. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Admit you made a mistake and gift the gadgets to someone who will use them.

  • Store them in upper cabinets if you think you may find a use for them later.

5. Do You Need Your Old Cookbooks?

Cookbooks are a relic from the past in this digital era. Sure, they add a touch of class to your kitchen décor. However, these dust magnets need to move over and make room for other kitchen essentials such as serving bowls or mugs. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Gift them to elderly relatives who are not comfortable with digital gadgets.

  • If your books have sentimental value, display them on your living room bookshelf.

6. Is Your Space Cluttered with Non-essentials?

The kitchen countertop bears the brunt of everything. The space is inviting enough to drop off a variety of things. School books, purses, and tiffin boxes — you name it, and it’s there. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Declare the kitchen countertop a no-go zone for anything other than food.

  • Encourage family members to put away pickles and jam jars after preparing a snack.

7. Do You Need So Many Daily-use Dinner Plates?

Shopping for gorgeous plates and mugs can get addictive. This is especially true when you see seasonal sales on online shopping websites. Gorgeous dinner plates are no exception. We add new ones, while we are loath to get rid of the old ones. The bludgeoning pile of old plates lining your shelves bears witness to this truth. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Resist the urge to click on the buy button unless you desperately need the stuff.

  • When you buy a new set, give the old one to someone who can use it.

Final Thoughts

A clutter-free zone not only improves efficiency but also gives out positive vibes, something every home needs. This is especially true for kitchens where your family’s meals are cooked. For tips on wellbeing and home décor, check out