7 Clever Ways To Make Your 1BHK Look Bigger

Last updated on December 1st, 2022

With property prices shooting through the roof, a large space is a pipe dream for most of us. And, while we compromise on a 1BHK, it’s easy to get frustrated when your furniture doesn’t fit into the small area. As for all the stuff that hasn’t found a home, do we even want to go there?

Yes, we know, there is no magic wand to push back the walls. But there is a lot you can do to make that little heaven work for you. So, how do you make space for all your stuff? More importantly, how do you make a small apartment look bigger? Let’s find out.

1. Opt for Neutrals

Dark colors are in. However, splashing navy or bottle green on your walls will shrink the space. Neutrals such as beige, grey, or taupe are the colors to go for. However, this doesn’t mean you have to bear up with these dull shades. Add a pop of color to the accents to give your room a cheerful vibe. These can be in your artwork, the cushions, or the rug.

But hey, earthy browns, black, or grey are great accents and are magical with tones of beige.

2. A Place for Everything

It’s all about exploring storage possibilities under your window seat and poufs. If you give it a bit of thought, space is everywhere. Slim storage spaces allow freedom of movement. Many times, the back of the wardrobe remains redundant, so narrow it down. We suggest shelving units behind doors andunits that ride up to the ceiling.

Open shelves above the doors and windows are great for books and other paraphernalia.

3. Compact and Multi-Functional Furniture

For home décor, there are no rules. It’s all about what looks good and what works for you. A sofa chair that opens up as a bed is a perfect addition to the décor. No place for a dining table? You can go for a drop-down table. A folding table works just as well. It’s easy to do away with the chairs if you have light sofa chairs and benches that double up as dining chairs. Intriguing and fun!

Our personal favorite is a quaint four-seater dining table. Besides being functional, it’s the piece de resistance.

4. Do Away with Extra Walls

We suggest creating an illusion of space by knocking down unnecessary walls. An open-plan kitchen merging seamlessly with the living space and the passage makes your home look bigger and brighter. When you are entertaining, you can use a screen to block the view to the kitchen if you prefer. The best part? You have less wall space to paint when you are redecorating!

5. Do it with Mirrors


Mirrors give an illusion of space as they reflect the room. While a wall-to-wall mirror is one way to go, there are many interesting ways to introduce this gorgeous element into your home décor. Our personal favorite is the standalone mirror. This works in the bedroom, the passageway, or even in the living space. Your other options are stylish mirrors on the console table, as a backdrop to the wall unit, or on a section of the wall.

6. Go Minimalist

When your room is cluttered with travel paraphernalia, extra furniture, and other odds and ends, it makes the space look a lot smaller than it is. Opt for compact furniture, and a few standalone décor pieces to allow the eyes to sweep smoothly over the area.

7. Use Your Wall Space

Walls offer fantastic opportunities for storage. Narrow open shelves allow you to store almost anything. For aesthetic appeal, use cane baskets or pleasing boxes to store your stuff.

Final Word

The size of your apartment doesn’t matter. What matters is how you use the space at hand. A bit of thought and a lot of planning can give you the desired results. However, if this adventure seems overwhelming, then have no fear. We at homebliss are more than willing to guide you on your journey to a beautiful home.