Creative Built-in Storage Ideas for Entryway and Living Room

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

We all have unwanted stuff that we promised to use when bought, but never use; stuff that eventually turns into a pile of clutter in the house. And trust me, there is only one way to eliminate clutter – get rid of them! And, for what’s left of the deep cleaning process, built-in storage is the perfect solution, providing a neater, cleaner, and clever storage option as compared to its other counterparts.

Why Built-in Storage?

Built-in units can increase the storage capability of even the tiniest of the space. Not only does built-in storage allows you to stow away things without disrupting the traffic flow of the room, but it also beautifully blends with the existing room layout, providing a minimalist appearance to your home. So, in today’s blog, we will discuss creative built-in storage for the two most important rooms of the house – the living room and the entryway. Check it out:

Built-in Storage for Entryway

1. Keeping Things Sorted

Get rid of entryway clutter by assigning a drop zone for the immediate outdoor essentials like coat, hats, and umbrella. This built-in storage boasts a combination of closed and open storage option, ideal to store seasonal items. Moreover, the base of the cabinet has a pull-out storage option, making it the ideal spot to store shoes.

2. Multipurpose Built-in

Double up the function of a built-in storage unit by making it a storing cum relaxing resort of the home. For instance, in the picture, the designer has installed a bench with a built-in storage option that serves both as a reading or relaxing nook and a stockpiling option.

3. Stylish yet Functional

Who said built-ins can only be used to hide away clutter? For instance, in this living room, the built-in cabinet works as a storing cum display unit. The cabinet boasts storage option for bags and jackets, as well an open shelving option to display your prized artifacts and books.

Built-in Storage for Living Room

1. Entertainment Unit

Get a built-in unit that functions both as a storage and an entertainment station. The closed cabinetry is used to stow DVDs, CDs, books, and more; whereas the open shelves are used to display collectibles and artifacts.

2. Seamless Storage

The built-in storage on both sides of the window provides plenty of storage and sitting option to the room. The couch set against the window bestows the room with as a cozy seating option, ideal to enjoy some relaxed time. The open shelves act as a bookcase cum display unit, while the closed cabinets act as a hideaway storage option.

3. Room Divider

In this living room, a built-in bookcase acts as both a storage unit and a room divider to define the living and the dining room. The bookcase also works as a display unit to hold artifacts and other items. Additionally, the open shelving provides plenty of option to storage, for instance, you can use wicker baskets to hide away the nitty-gritty of the household.