5 Steps to Organizing a Dresser Like a Pro

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

Is your dresser ready to burst at the seams? Dressers are like wardrobes that are brimming with clothes, and we tend to stuff them as much as we can knowing that the mess is anyway going to remain hidden away. But when a dresser is disorganized it’s hard to find specific things, and since we can easily hide the mess, organizing the drawer is the last thing on our mind.

These 5 dresser organizing tips will keep your clutter under control and make finding things easier.

Lesson #1: Purge the Dresser

Take out everything from the dresser and organize the items in heaps. Put similar kind of items together on the bed or the floor. Now, take a look at the piles and subcategorize items. For instance, divide your tops into tees, shirts, kurtas, etc.

Tip: Once you empty the dresser take a moment to check if the hardware is sturdy, and functioning smoothly.

Lesson #2: Analyze What You Actually Wear

Once you have emptied the dresser, ask yourself these four questions to understand what stays and what you need to let go of:

Do I really love it? If the answer is yes then keep it! However, remember that keeping an item might also mean that you have to eliminate something else, to make room for your loved-piece. Hence, before you declare to yourself that you are completely in love with this piece, take a moment to analyze it well.

Do I Use it? So, the next question you need to ask yourself is whether you use the item, at all. And, if so, how often do you use it. Place the items you plan to use in the dresser, keeping with the most frequently used item in the front, for easy access.

Do I Have More than One? If so, pick the best one.

Can I Get Another Later? In case you feel that you might need the item suddenly or it could possibly come back in style, remind yourself you can always buy it later on!

Lesson #3: Is a Drawer the Best Place to Store This?

Now analyze if the clothes get to stay in or are there better storage options available in your home. For instance, your work wear can go inside the closet (hang shirts and linen pants with hangers). Garments like jeans, sweaters, and sweatshirts can be stacked in an open shelf.

Lesson #4: What is Each Drawer’s Duty?

One of the golden rules of organizing is by designating drawers to each kind of clothing type (such as undergarments, tops, bottoms, loungewear etc.). You can also segregate the drawers according to their purpose, for instance, workout, casual, seasonal clothing, etc.

Tip: Once you make this change, it can be a little difficult to recall what is where, initially. Make use of sticky notes to help yourself get used to the new arrangement.

Lesson #5: How Much Can I See Instantly?

Remember not to layer up your dresser. When garments are stacked in heaps, the items at the bottom are often overlooked and rarely seen. Think of arranging your clothes in tight rolls or folds. This way you will be able to see everything you own.