7 Clever Closet Hacks To Keep Clutter At Bay

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

Let’s be honest, how many times have you opened the closet and thought that you don’t have space to even keep a needle! While organizing your closet can seem to be an overwhelming task, a cluttered closet just wastes your time in trying to hunt for things, causing unnecessary stress.

Genius Closet Hacks

However, with a few tips and tricks, you can actually get rid of the clutter, once and for all. All you need is a free afternoon and some genius closet hacks to turn your overstuffed closet into a piece of art!

Check out these 7 closet hacks that will take away your storage woes and leave you with a pristine, well-organized closet.

1. Double Hang

Genius Closet Hacks

The key to an organized closet is all about maximizing the storage by utilizing vertical space in an effective way. And one such way is to double hang your clothes. This is a simple and easy method that doesn’t require much of an effort. To make this, move the current clothes hanging rod upwards. Now, install a second rod after considering the height of your clothes. And, voila! you have increased the storage capacity of your closet.

2. Hang Accessories and Tank Tops

Genius Closet Hacks

Things like tank tops, scarves, and belts tend to create a mess, if not stored properly. Organize them by installing shower hooks on a hanger. You can also use them store accessories like necklaces, ties, and more.

3. Use Valet Hooks

Genius Closet Hacks

Avoid the morning rush with a valet hook. If you are not a morning person or often waste time trying to decide what to wear, then this hack is for you. Decide on the what you are going to wear on an office day, the night before, and keep the set separate with the help of a valet hook. This makes for an easy grab-n-go option on busy days.

4. Label Your Storage

Genius Closet Hacks

Another easy way to find what you need: Label the storage boxes to make organizing and sorting easy. These days, various styles and designs of labels are available. You can either choose to buy a few or just DIY them!

5. Use Shelf Dividers

Genius Closet Hacks

Shelf dividers come in really handy when you’re trying to tackle clutter. Apart from making organizing easy for you, shelf dividers also make your closet much neater and tidier. However, ensure to measure the clothes before installing the shelf dividers.

6. Use Small Bins and Baskets in the Closet

Genius Closet Hacks

Storage accessories like bins and baskets come in handy when dealing with hard-to-reach shelves or even when you’re group stacking items. Additionally, you can also use baskets to keep all your inner wear in place.

7. Move Rarely-Worn Items to Storage

Genius Closet Hacks

We all have those dresses we hardly wear, yet happily stack them in the closet. Well, it is time you purge them out and stow them away in a storage box. The same applies to seasonal wears like sweaters, boots, and more. And don’t forget to label the closet.