Small Home? Here Are 5 Ways To Make It A Smart One

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

Get the better of your small home with these 5 smart tricks to make it look bigger. We’ve all heard of mirrors and light colors to expand a space.

Here are 5 smarter ideas that can work wonders in small spaces! Be warned – you will want to try them ASAP!

1. Try Long Lines

Lines give an illusion of expanse. Ditch those square floor tiles that are making your space appear smaller than it is. Lengthen your space visually using floor tiles or wooden planks in long lines. Also, consider stripes in wallpapers to make your space look bigger than it is.

2. Hang Your Drapes Long

Create an illusion of a tall ceiling in your small home with long drapes. You can do this by installing curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible and letting your drapes touch the floor. Another great trick is to extend curtain rods by 4 extra inches on either side of the windows to make them appear wider than they are.

3. Maximize Vertical Storage

One thing available in plenty even in a small home is vertical space. Make sure you use yours judiciously. Floating and floor-to-ceiling shelves can come in really handy when you’re hard-pressed for space. Invest in them generously.

4. Buy Storage-enabled Furniture

Space comes at a premium in small homes. Investing in storage-enabled furniture would make sure things serve dual purposes without occupying double the floor space. A trunk that serves as a great storage option and a stylish coffee table, for instance.

5. Invest In A Pullout Sofa

Don’t let having a small home cramp your hospitality. Having guests over has got nothing to do with having a small or large home. But it doesn’t have to mean giving up your personal bedroom space when guests decide to stay the night. Invest in a pullout sofa that works as a couch by day and a luxurious bed for your guests by night.

Have fun decorating your home folks!